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Open Sesame …. #TuesdayTruth

Doorways seem to hold secrets of unknown magic behind them. Fairytales often speak of magical doors which only a secret password will open to another world.
Closed Doors #SpiceGoddess
Around the world ,there are doors which catch ones attention from the beautifully carved Arabic doors to the brightly coloured doors of Notting Hill. So why am I going on about doors today ? No no I am not turning my blog into a Home Decor Blog.  Doors = Opportunities
Do you recall as a child how we would run up to the closed doors of strangers ,knock and runaway ? That excitement of discovering the unknown and making the Magic door open intrigued us. But as we have grown older we have forgotten about opening doors. Those magic words uttered “Open Sesame” in fairytales would open any closed-door and allow you a peak into a treasure filled land.
As adults, we have become very cautious about closed doors. We assume that every closed-door means no entry and that is it locked. But in fact every closed-door is am opportunity awaiting you. We are too afraid of trying and hearing the “no” word. If we do not take a chance and say those magic words we may never know what opportunities await us.
I used to be afraid of taking chances and knocking on closed doors but life has taught me to otherwise. Now I knock loudly on any door of opportunity I see and no I don’t say “Open Sesame” but instead I introduce myself.
Most of the time the doorkeepers who have opened the door have been very welcoming. And these welcomes have become good working relationships. Getting your foot into the door of opportunity is important but don’t barge in unless you are asked to come in.
I have taken chances ,knocked on doors and opened doors. Not all doors opened welcomed me but those who have ,have now invited me for tea and cake. Nothing happens if we just sit back and complain, get out there create opportunities , knock on doors and sing in your best Adele voice ” Hello from the other side”.
Life is too short not to knock on any door. Often we ignore some doors in favour of doors that are all sparkly and beautiful but lies inside is not all that glam. Be brave , start taking chances. Step outside of your comfort zone and knock on some doors. You will be surprised just how welcoming some doorkeepers are.
Do you take chances ? Are you ok with stepping outside of your comfort zone ?
Be Inspired !
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