POP UP #YOGAMyWaySA Lenovo Launch

On Tuesday morning I was flown to JHB for the #YOGAMyWaySA launch.Most of my readers will know that I flew to London last year for this launch.
Lenovo is defo a brand to watch and I am utterly besotted with their products.I will do a seperate blog post on the products .
I along with other media from Durban and Cape Town were picked up and taken to the gorgeous Winston Hotel.We had no idea what the POA was but were given the following instructions :
1) Have lunch at the hotel, rest.
2)Be ready at 3pm to be taken to the offices.
Everything was a secret ! This is the trademark of every Lenovo event.
On arriving at the offices, we were then handed red hard hats.This I knew about as I asked if me wearing heels would be a hazard the response was heels and hard hats go lol.We were ushered into mini buses and taken to a secret venue that literally none of us onboard knew about.
We were driven to Braam and taken into what looked like a warehouse.On arrival we were given very welcome cocktails from the mixologists from Molecular Bars.Standing around catching up with everyone else none of us had a clue what to expect.
At the end of the corridor , the doors were opened and we were taken into a very dark room with instructions of mind your step.All I could see after my eyes adjusted to the dark was red and white tape used to cordon off an area and 3 stands with Lenovo products on display.This was a lil shock to the system after coming in from the bright afternoon sunshine.
A screen was projected onto using the YOGA Pro Table.The amazing and gorgeous MC for the night Simba Mhere.It is with sadness as I write this post as Simba Mhere is no longer with us.A life taken too soon.
A mix of street dancers and ballet dancers strutted their stuff in a dance off before Simba welcomed us to the event.
Then right before our very eyes a pop up event was done with a food truck, bar, eating area and comfy bean bag banded sofas.So unique and fun and so in trend especially as we all love Pop Up shops.
Our gracious MC, welcomed us and shared his personal videos of him using the new #YOGA products.
And then it was time for the big unveiling of the YOGA range of Lenovo products.These products are defo designed to suit your life.After the speeches it was time to mingle, eat, drink, tweet and catch up with friends.
A giveaway was run on Twitter using the #YOGAMyWaySA hashtag.The prizes were 3 YOGA Tablets (the one I been lusting for with the projector in the base).I was one of 3 who won this amazing gadget .
Thank you Lenovo and your PR for hosting me and my beautiful prize.
Be Inspired!

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