Domino's Pizza arrives in Durban

A few Saturdays ago , I was invited to the launch of the first KZN store launch of Domino’s Pizza.I was rather excited when I got this invite for several reasons :

  1. This was one of my fav pizzas in London
  2. Another  brand in SA from overseas
  3. My late Dad’s name was Domino

Since my return to SA I have not been too impressed with the pizza varieties on offer so have been rather off eating pizza BUT this has now all changed.Mum and I made our way to Westville to the store launch.
We were welcomed and it was so lovely that the awesome PR people knew my name and thanked me for a few tweets I had done prior to the event.Mum and I made our way to the rather stylish VIP area where we were offered hot and cold beverages.Then the show started , Proverb from the popular show idols was the MC for the day.The area outside the store was a hive of activity with lots of giveaways , summer tunes playing in the background and entertainment for all.Passers by were given lots of goodies from tshirts, pizzas to water bottles.
Fellow Durban blogger Lee Folkard and his gorgeous gf Cindy Liu were also there .Lee and I were called up to eat pizza on stage which Proverb which was fun.
So let me tell you about the Pizza 🙂

  1. Tasty toppings
  2. Deep pan or thin crust
  3. Different sizes
  4. Well flavoured
  5. No scrimping on the toppings extra everything
  6. Lots of cheese
  7. Why are you still reading this go buy some ??!!

Besides the pizza on offer there is a variety of side offerings including Chocolate Lava Cake.
Hopefully we get a few more stores opening in KZN rather soon.Thank you Domino’s for hosting mum and I it was a fun and moorish day.
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