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#CuppaForCANSA DBN Edition

Several weeks ago my dear friend Madame Macaron asked if I could help her arrange her 1st event.As it was for a cause that is close to my heart I couldn’t refuse.A ton of emails and whatsapps led to the 18th October.
This Saturday was the day the event took place.Hashtag our generous hosts sponsored the venue and refreshments.The dress code was Pink, Black and Bling.I was so totally in my comfort zone.Mum and I arrived a lil earlier to help set up.Everything looked stunning with the most yummiest treat tables offering a large selection of sweet and savoury treats.This event was sold out within a week ,60 ladies gathered for an afternoon of tea, cake and fun.I was so glad my friends joined me for this good cause.Several of the Durban blogging ladies also attended the event.
Viveshni aka Madame Macaron outdid her self and had a large selection of items on auction and raffle.From Rain Africa hampers to a  Polo wallet to LeCreuset items and gorgeous jewellery from Trinket Trove and Shimmer  there was something for everyone.The ladies of Durban were rather generous in supporting this event with over R15 000 raised.The cutest part of the auction was when 4 adorable girls kept outbidding each other for some jewellery.
The ladies from CANSA organisation were there talking to us about how to do breast examinations and lead a healthy lifestyle.The talk was very informative.
Thank you Madame Macaron for hosting a beautiful event for such a worthy cause.I am so proud of you my friend.
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