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#LondonDiaries Day 6

I was over the moon that I had a late flight out of London,as it meant I had literally another full day.I woke up to a dull and wet Monday in High Wycombe, I know you saying “Typical British Weather” But let me tell you a secret I love it.
Today was a day I got to spend with my aunt.After surfacing instructions again were to just brush my teeth and come down for brekkie.Carrying down my new Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro I sat down to breakfast and chats with my aunt.My aunt knows me too well and had a selection of hummus , sundried tomatoes , olives , french loaf and cheese for me.When I say selection of hummus I mean caramelised onion (yum) , sundried tomato and lemon.I was in foodie heaven.After several cups of tea and moorish bites we got ready to go shopping in the town centre.
Now just to remind you my aunt has been diagnosed with cancer and lost her daughter two years ago.So spending time with her was very special and emotional at the same time.
We popped to the shops I was so impressed how much had changed in High Wycombe.A bit of shopping was on the cards before we headed off for lunch to Frankie & Benny’s for lunch.Lunch was such comfort food gnoochi baked perfect for the cold rainy weather.
On returning home I was ordered to pack and rest for abit before my uncle came home to take me to the airport.As usual suitcase was stuffed to the max.We made our way to the airport , I had checked in online the night before so this saved me time.A rather attractive Punjabi guy helped me at the check in counter 🙂
Then it was off to start checking in now let me tell you something in every airport in every part of the world , when I walk through the metal detector I was get stopped as I beep .So when I was stopped this time I laughed and waited to be searched.
At the check in counter I was told it was a 45min walk to the boarding gate and this was no word of lie.I had a massive workout before my flight lol.On reaching the gate we were told the flight which was meant to leave at 9pm was delayed we only boarded at half ten.
As we boarded , the rains seemed to be harder almost like a lover refusing to let go of their beloved.A friend tweeted me saying look London doesn’t want you to go.
Sitting in my window seat I looked into the darkness and bid a fond farewell to my beloved London with the promise of I will return to you soon.
And that was the last day of my #LondonDiaries I hope you enjoyed this journey and look forward to sharing more with you in 2015.
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