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Bollywood Intrigued

As a kid I didn’t like Bollywood movies for several reasons which included :

  1. Overdramatic fighting scenes
  2. Singing and dancing in the rain around a tree
  3. The fighting scenes with its crazy exaggerated sound effects
  4. Every movie was over 3 hours running time

BUT as an adult I have fallen in Love with Bollywood.During my time of living in London it intrigued me how the Indian communities were so proud of their culture and heritage and how Bollywood was so huge in the everyday life of both young and old.
It was my ex Mr Y ( Love Actually blog post) , who reintroduced me to the genre of Bollywood and made me fall in love with Bollywood.As I have gotten older I seem to be appreciating my culture and heritage and seeing it all in a different light.
Since my childhood , Bollywood movies have changed dramatically , they are all under 3 hours , modern twists , droolworthy actors and actresses, set in different parts of the world and the stories are that of which we can all relate too.My mum and I have made it part of our tradition to go to the movies and watch a Bollywood movie together.
I don’t understand the Hindi language , so I am glad it has subtitles in English for me to follow.Each time I watch a Bollywood movie I am utterly captivated by the songs (so much passion & love) and the traditional Indian garments with a modern twist in a Rainbow of colours.
Dear future husband I apologise in advance for my Bollywood secret love.Trust me you too will be intrigued 🙂
I would like to say Shukran (Thank You) to my friends Ronesh , Varshan , Videsh and Sanvir who have all played an integral part in my Bollywood education.
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