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Kiehls Saved My Face

During the last two weeks of July , I felt like my face was falling off.I had pimples, little hives, uneven skintone , dry skin and dull skin.

I knew there could be a number of contributing facts including :

  1. Weather
  2. Stress
  3. Not enough water
  4. Not enough sleep
  5. My phone (bacteria)
  6. Junk food

So literally in the last week of July , I said enough sort out your face.I dug around my beauty draw and found three products that saved my face.Before I go on am sure you all know that I am a huge Kiehls fan and love their products.

  1. Kiehls Midnight Recovery concentrate (received this last year but am too frugal so I used very little and saved it)
  2. Kiehls Calendula Deep Cleansing Foaming Face Wash – (I received 4 weeks ago to try out)
  3. Kiehls Super corrective cream (I was lucky enough to be sent this)

Each of these products contributed to being total lifesavers.That Sunday I was attending the #WithMyGirls event and needed to look good.
So that Thursday I started my routine of using this trio.I started with the facewash which I love as it has a light lemony smell to it and a small drop foams up loads.I adore the fact that it comes with a pump action nozzle that controlling how much I use.I used this twice a day.
I followed up using the Kiehls Super corrective cream.I used this twice a day
and boy oh boy did I see results.
At night just before bed , I used my most favourite Kiehls product the Midnight Recovery Concentrate.Only 3/4 drops are needed using to dropper to cover your entire face and neck.Once applied let the magic begin.And trust me it does.
Using the 3 products combined over just three days left my face feeling smoother , supple , softer and brighter.At the event one of the workshops was a skincare and you were asked to remove all your makeup and take a #nomakeupselfie.Now I wasn’t too confident about this as I knew my skin and face was not yet ready to be bared naked.BUT my voice of reason said go on ! Its an all Women event its fine its safe.So I took this picture below.I was very impressed how good my face looked naked.I received several compliments and all of it is due to these three products which saved my face.I even shared my picture with Marie Claire on Twitter and they put it up on their website.
Thank you Kiehls for saving my face.All these products are available in selected Edgars stores around South Africa.What are your favourite Kiehls products ??

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