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Durban Welcomes Zomato …


Zomato? You thinking Tomato or an exotic Tomato variety … Actually, no.
Last year I kept seeing local South African bloggers tweeting about Zomato reviews and the chance to win iPads. So my curiosity got the better of me and off I went to my trusty old bf  “Google”  to find out more.
Zomato is an online restaurant discovery guide providing information on home delivery, dine-out, cafés and nightlife in cities of India, Brazil, Turkey, Indonesia, New Zealand, Philippines, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Qatar, United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom. In 2011, Zomato also launched applications for iOS, Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry devices.
So once I found this information I was keen to see/read/review/taste more. But alas, at the time, Zomato was only in JHB and CT. Then last November I got a call from the gorgeous Thando ( who works for Zomato in JHB. We had a long chat about Zomato, how it works etc. Thando then sent me links to look at and we discussed a meet and a brunch with bloggers in Durban that I knew. Instantly I drew up a list of fellow bloggers that included @fayinthemaze, @NicolaLMeyer, @lizalaughalot, @AMG133 and @jantripepi.
Thando and I looked at possible dates as we both agreed the brunch needed to happen before December got into party mode. Invites were sent off and on the 1st of December we met at the gorgeous and vibey Market Eatery. It was an intimate gathering as Thando talked us through the site, its history and the setting up of Durban Zomato. We were asked to bring along our Smartphones, Tablets or Laptops so we could play around on the site.
It was rather quick and easy to register and navigate. I linked my Twitter handle to it so that everytime I wrote a review it would be shared on Twitter.
We then ordered from the yummilicious menu and trust me it was super hard to decide what to eat. I eventually settled on Lamb Chops and wasn’t disappointed at all.
Thando presented us all with gorgeously wrapped pressies from Zomato which were lovely Foodie coffee mugs. To a Social Media/Techno fundi, Zomato is a perfect site to check out reviews on eateries and to be honest, I always Google new places and leave reviews all in one place and its growing in terms of Global sites. So yes I love Zomato! And I am currently ranked as the number 3 foodie in Durban.
I look forward to Zomato expanding in Durban and including all of the yumminess that is found here.
Ciao xxx

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