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Kiehl's has done it again…

Besides how amazing the Kiehl’s products are, I love this brand for their commitment to making a difference in our World.
Kiehls has announced their latest global partnership in aid of the “Keep A Child Alive” organisation. They have launched a limited edition of the much loved Midnight Recovery Concentrate which retails for R585 a bottle and 100 percent of the sale of this product will go towards this project.
The Keep A Child Alive organisation was co founded by Alicia Keys and Leigh Blake in 2003. The aim is to care for, support and bring dignified treatment to children and families in India and Africa affected by HIV/AIDS. Popular Songstress Alicia Keys has this to say about her involvement in this project:

“The thing that inspires me about it the most : we all deserve a chance at life and the chance to dream.I know this treatment really allows you to have life , and it allows little kids who would only be projected to live until the age of two without treatment to live a full, amazing,incredible life.”

Well Done Kiehl’s another amazing initative! Not like us Kiehls lovers needed much reason to buy the MRC product BUT, do support this worthy cause and give a child the chance to LIFE.
Ciao xxx

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