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Local Beau-Trepreneur Launches Viral  Marshmallow Sponge – Beauty Blender in SA

Local Beau-Trepreneur Launches Viral   Marshmallow Sponge – Beauty Blender in SA

If you’re a Beautuber, an MUA (makeup artist) or just a beauty-lover with a TIK TOK obsession – you’ll know the Marshmallow Sponge Beauty Blender craze by influencer and hashtag. This revolutionary product is changing the way we face beat! Yup! It’s affectionately known for its baby-like softness, faster application and steak-free finish! Which is a total win if you’re planning a full weekend of close-up content creation.

I do enjoy putting on make up every so often and over the years my makeup and skincare routines have changed and come a long way.I recall the initial days of putting on my foundation with a sponge and then a brush to now using a beauty blender.I have seen my application and finished make up looks get better as my product changed and using a beauty blender defo upped my facebeat.

So while scrolling through my TikTok ,FYP I kept seeing what looked like the fluffiest and softest marshmallows and needed to watch to the full video.This beauty blender is defo in a league of it’s own and when I was sent one to review I was very excited.The beauty blender comes in two sizes and can be bought individually or in a 4 pack.The packaging is stunning and arrives in a “shein” look alike zipped bag.On opening the beautiful blender is incase in a see through box and almost looks too regal to open and touch.The sponge itself is very soft and smooth against the skin.I have yet to use as I am planning on using it for Diwali so watch this space.Never did I know that the sponge needed to be dampened before use and it literally increases in size and looks like a yummy macaron !

This squad-approved slice of makeup heaven has exploded onto the international beauty scene and will soon be available in SA! Receiving  rave reviews  for its spongy superpowers from local Tik Tok beauties, bloggers and influential instagrammers – there’s no doubt that beauty lovers will hitting that sparkle emoji, to share their excitement!

Internationally adored and makeup-artist-acclaimed, it was only a matter of time before this game-changing beauty blender hit South African shores! The first to launch the product in SA is Tasneem Nagdee, creative director and founder of Marble Skin Co. – a local beauty brand with an international passion for revolutionary self-care beauty products and trends.


When it comes to beauty – it’s all about blending! Which is why the brand will be introducing not one, but two incredible Marshmallow Sponge Beauty Blenders. Online shoppers will be able to experience the rounded marshmallow sponge – for easy foundation application. Or the half-cut marshmallow sponge – for precision application around the eye area and for powder contouring. The revolutionary beauty blenders will be available for purchase, either individually or in a beautiful set of four – perfect for sharing with beauty-besties!

The Marble Skin Co. Marshmallow Sponge Beauty Blender range will officially be launching on the brands’ e-commerce site ( on Friday 1 October 2021. So best you get your primer, foundation and ring lights ready… because it’s bound to get blended!

To find out more about Marble Skin Co. and their revolutionary product range you can reach them by mobile at + 27 76 951 9012  or by email at or you can visit their website at


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