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Life Lately 21.1

Life Lately 21.1

Where has 2021 gone ? How did we land up here with just three months remaining of this year when I just got used to writing 2021.Ever since the Covid Pandemic entered our lives last March every single aspect of òur lives have changed and literally overnight.This year has been a total mix bag of events and emotions and truths like no other BUT through it all I have tried to live in gratitude and count my blessings.

One of my major highlights was getting the opportunity to have my Covid Vaccine.Honestly I was such a bunch of nerves prior to getting my jab.But the entire process was so smooth and before I knew it my jab was done.The staff at the vaccination sites are incredibly kind and organised which allows the process to run with no hiccups.I am now fully vaccinated with both doses.After my first dose my hand was a lil tender and I did have a headache for a few days.But with my second dose I had body pains ,the chills that caused even my toes to be frozen and my underarms had pains too.I took time off and rested ,fed my body and took painkillers.Having my vaccine meant that I could return to work full time and for that I am very grateful.Coming back to work has been crazy busy lots to do and I get to see my friends.

In terms of travel I only managed to do two trips this year.The first was over the Easter break with South African Tourism where we joined Cassper as he explored KZN.It was great seeing Tourism and media friends again but most of all it was great exploring my hometown.

Then in May I headed off to explore the Midlands Meander with three other blogger friends.This was such an awesome Girl’s Weekend away.My soul felt alive and the company was excellent.We laughed ,drank Gin cocktails ,explored and ate the most delicious food ever.

The remainder of 2021 I stayed home but focused on other aspects of my life :

1.My faith – I used this time to strenghten my bond with my creator and find peace in prayer.

2.I started reading more as I had the time and came up with the idea of a Virtual BookClub.#Litscape was born out of several online conversations about books and that lead to us becoming a Book club.Anyone can join Litscape ,we pick a Book of the month and then on the 1st Sunday of the month we have a Twitter chat and we chat about the book we have read.Come join us find the hashtag #Litscape.

3.I focused on my mental and making time for self care.This included taking social media breaks as well as breaks from some people and situations

4.I used this time to grow my social media platforms and create content and establish relationships with several brands.

5.I finally got onto the TikTok trend and I am now on the TikTok Creator programe which I am so excited about this journey.

6.I let the Art of Letting Go and how much I needed it to be able to move on.

7.I spent more time cooking and creating modern takes on old fashioned dishes.My cooking took me down memory lane and honestly more than ever I missed my Dad and Gran.

8.I focused on the relationships and people that mattered to me and not wasted my time and energy on those who had forgotten me.

9.I started becoming more involved in cultural activties and surrounding myself with like minded souls has given me much calm.

10.I started paying more attention to my sugar intake and the result is I no longer have sugar in both my tea and coffee.Fizzy drinks are a complete rare treat the same with chocolate.


Even my tired was tired.It seems end of year burnout is really creeping up on me.And worst thing is that there does not seem to be a light at the end of the tunnel.I did however go to sort out my Diwali Gifting which for some reason I am really excited about Diwali this year and have actually done some prep more than any year before.I even did a DIY  job on some old some old lanterns.My day was so busy yesterday that my first meal of the day was at 15h30 🙁

Currently ….

It is exam season and end of semester so lots of marking and chasing atudents for work.Currently for Diwali I am hosting some pretty awesome give on Instagram and Facebook so do go and check them out.The weather in Durban is a tad unsure of what season we are in so today it is dull ,grey and overcast typical London weather.I am currently reading a pretty awesome book by Jess Kitching called The Girl She was Before I got this book as a pre release and me tell you it is a pretty good yet triggering read as it deals with bullying.You can purchase it here.

These days …..

I find myself wishing I could clone myself so that I can get everything done and wanting more hours in my day.In terms of cooking these days meals have become very simple due to time constraints.I find myself surfing streaming portals and as I am so preoccupied nothing is catching my attention so please pop me some suggestions of what to watch.I am becoming more confident these days and owning my space.The SpiceGoddess brand has grown and evolving all the time.I am very humbled to have been featured in two local papers and the Sunday Times for my content.

At the moment …

I have just gotten home from work and a few errands and Eskom has welcomed me with Loadshedding.Joy oh joy I have do without a hot cup of tea.I plan on using this off the grid time to read and finish off this blog.This weather and change in season has got me thinking I am getting the sniffles or something so I must take my vitamins.I am really really craving a cup of tea right now!

I am convinced…

That I need :

1.A Holiday

2.A Spa Day

3.A boyfriend

4.To win the Lotto ( haha)

That this year was clearly on a fast forward time lapse.Looking at what still needs to be done I am convinced that I might be working through the holidays.Growing up and adulting is a total scam with the endless jobs to do ,admin and making decisions maybe been a kid again is not a bad idea.

I wish….

I wish that 2022 will be a better and safer year for everyone.I am rooting for us all to get through 2021 healthy and strong.Kindness I wish would become as simple as us breathing and more of us became more kinder to the world.I am hoping that the last few weeks of 2021 bring me joy,love and happiness.

How has your life been lately?

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