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The Art of cooking gone digital

The Art of cooking gone digital

Last week saw the grand finale of Masterchef SA. And what a final it was indeed. However, after weeks of the devoted following, I missed the final and only managed to catch the last 5 minutes as a family emergency prevented me from watching this.

However to those of you who have been reading my Blogs know I am very digital, so yes I PVR’d the final and followed Twitter for bits of info.

Team Deena was trending on Twitter and has a huge following from rather unexpected Tweeters. I loved the fact that though I was not actually around I could still keep in touch with the goings-on of Masterchef. Well done and massive congratulations to the Spice King Deena Naidoo, Deena you stole our hearts from the first episode with your humility and compassion for your fellow competitors. Having Deena on Masterchef SA encourage tons of new viewers. Even my brother a noncooking show-watching person was suddenly addicted to MCSA.The Masterchef kitchens were designed with such stunning workstations and the most amazing digital kitchens gadgets that any foodie/digital person like myself would wish for. The use of all the gadgets also increased the show’s viewership as it then started appealing to another avenue of digital lovers. From Facebook to Twitter to the official Masterchef online website there was an amazing amount of digital access which was so great. Twitter and Facebook have become awesome means of interacting with fellow foodies and even famous ones like Deena, Manisha Naidu, Jenny Morrison, Sophie Mitchell, and even Jamie Oliver. And what’s great is that these chefs respond and interact with us normal Tweeters.

It then dawned on me how the Art of cooking has changed and become so digital. Walking into any home appliance store is total heaven for a foodie and digital geek like me . From the electronic scales to electric biltong machines, to waffles makers to all sorts one can’t escape the fact that the digital age is taking over the kitchen and yes I LOVE IT. Even recipes books have gone digital available as apps, MC would defo approve of these digital cookbooks. While trolling the millions of apps on my Samsung Tablet I came across loads of cooking and wine related apps, even tons of gaming apps appealing to the younger ones and those young at heart. I haven’t had a chance yet to try these out but will soon and leave a review on my favourite cooking apps.
Thank you Masterchef SA for bringing the digital age to the kitchen…… Once again awesome win Deena Naidoo in the words of a fellow tweeter @iAMKameel ” Deena is a Mammu Chef Ciao for now my foodie and digital loving friends …….!