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Bitten by the Bug

The digital bug has bitten my circle of friends and the virus is spreading daily . I am lovin the way this virus is spreading and how my friends are embracing this digital virus . We now have everyone on Blackberry BBM, 2 iPads, 2 Samsung Tablets and a netbook . All this change has taken place within a few weeks. Everyone is so keen to learn and be apart of the new techno age ! spread virus spread I am loving it. In a funny chat over tea we were discussing how if one of us became Head of our company we would issuse alll staff with tablets and laptops. The boardroom wouldhave a projector screen to watch series. Staff would be issused wih Terabite hard drives and be required to watchone hour per day at work of a series. The campus would also have a wireless internet connection with uncapped usage for downloads. AHHH the perfect work environment 🙂 The bug is defo infecting at rapid speed everyone is getting infected but loving their digital infection

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