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Travel with a Handbag vs Backpack – Kary Kase saves the day !

Travel with a Handbag vs Backpack – Kary Kase saves the day !

So a few years ago I came to the realisation that travelling with  a handbag was not practical when travelling abroad especially when travelling with my mum and I then switched to a backpack. And I loved travelling with my backpack as it was cabin size and not overly large like the one all backpackers carry with all their worldly possessions.I loved how my hands were free and I could take my pictures and not worry about where my bag was for safety reasons.While on a media trip to Kerala one of my new friends Anita become my constant reminder of “Verushka your bag!” It became a standing joke and even 4 years later I  am reminded of just how naive a traveller I was and how much things have changed now.


I loved that a backpack gave me the freedom to do more and not worry but still the thought of carrying a handbag played on my mind.The big dilemma is which to you choose to travel with when space is an issuse.So last year on my trip to Turkey I wanted to take my handbag and boy oh boy did I regret it ! I thought my bag would be big enough to carry my shopping but instead I ended up with a sore neck and shoulders and fingers with marked with the plastic bags.It was then I wished I had listened to my voice of reason and brought my backpack.

So while preparing for my pilgrimage to Mauritius earlier this year ,I knew I needed to reconsider my choices.And it seems like Facebook seems to read my mind,as on my feed I kept seeing these gorgeous foldable backpacks from Kary Kase.I got your attention right ? Backpacks can tend to get boring in their design but had the perfect solution just for my handbag backpack drama.


Who are Kary Kase ?

They supply premium, high quality bags, luggage ,backpacks and accessories. Kary Kase is an online store operating out of South Africa. They pride themselves on exceptional service levels. Kary Kase ensure that your shopping experience is as pleasant as you’ve come to expect.The online store stocks a variety of local and international brands.Trust me when I say you will be spoilt for choice here.It was then I saw the utterly gorgeous foldable backpack.

Foldable Backpack ?

Yes you heard right a backpack and can be folded into a small bag and if need be carried within your handbag.Sounds like a win/win situation for me.

I instantly fell in love with this Olily range of the products.Besides the beautiful designs which are so eye-catching the fact that this backpack is foldable was a huge drawcard for me. Because this means I can carry both my handbag and have a backpack when I travel as it takes up so lil space.

The Oilily Range :

Oilily was founded in 1963 in the Netherlands, as a brand with a vision. Initially a kidswear company, the brand has evolved over the years and now includes accessories in their range.The result was a vibrant new use of colour, innovative design, playful patterns, detailed craftsmanship and high-quality materials.

“A thing of beauty is a joy for ever”
– John Keats

This opening line from Keats’ poem Endymion and has become a kind of mantra for everyone at Oilily. Their aim is to make things to last as they hope their owners will want them to last, because they cherish them.I love the fact the brand has an ethos in producing products that last forever.

Product info Oilily Backpack

The ´Kiwano´ line of bags includes fine twill polyester silhouettes combined with special, expressive prints. Completed with elegant details in bright colors.

*Adjustable padded shoulder straps
*Main compartment closes with a zipper 1 Zipper closed front pocket

*Backpack can be folded and stowed into the front pocket
*Dimensions: 41 x 30 x 13 cm

*Size folded: 22 x 4.5 x 16 cm
*Material: 20% PVC , 80% Polyester.


My Verdict !

A total winner for me and I hope you actually go buy a backpack like mine from Kary Kase.I no longer need to work about what to choose as I can take both with me.The fact that the backpack has two compartments is great as I can keep things like my sunglasses and phone and charger in the front.Having straps that are adjustable and actually fit a plus size woman like me is a real bonus.I have travelled on day trips and locally where my backpack was picked instead of my handbag.I have a pretty sneaky feeling that you will find my backpack from Kary Kase travelling a lot more with me.I have my eye on so many other bags in this Oilily Range.

The Kary Kase Backpack :


2.Easy to clean.

3.Easy to store and pack into case when travelling.

4.It comes in beautiful designs and colours !

5.It is not only practical but a fashion statement too.

If you are keen to check out this backpack range on Kary Kase click here.

I was sent this backpack as a gift in return of a review 🙂

Be Inspired !




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