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Everybody needs #SomeBunnyToLove

Everybody needs #SomeBunnyToLove

The iconic Bunny Chow is a much loved South African dish that truly represents our Rainbow Nation.So when BB Bakeries invited me to be apart of the #SomeBunnyToLove campaign the foodie in me was super excited.

What is a Bunny Chow ?

“Food is everything we are.It’s an extension of nationalist feeling ,ethnic feeling,your personal history,your province,your history ,your tribe,your grandma.It’s inseperable from those from the get-go.” – Anthony Bourdain

Travel,food and culture are all the things that make us understand people and our roots.Throughout the world food is the common thread that binds people and every country has their own speciality.

In Durban the most iconic and well loved dish is a Bunny Chow.A dish of humble beginings and steep with history it is no wonder it is a firm family favourite in many SouthAfrican homes.Made from a loaf of bread and then filled with either a veg or meat curry and served with sambals and a simple carrot sald this meal comes with it’s own edible packaging.This meal is best for sharing and eaten with your hands yes no cutlery ! This dish is truly a South African dish which was created by the indentured Indian labourers to came to South Africa to work for the British.

Local Durban bakery #BBBakeries has launched a new product to their range which is an unsliced loaf of bread.I was sent a media drop to make my own Bunny and no ,NO Bunnys were hurt in this production.The media drop was so on point as it arrived in a Wonder bag and included s loaf of unsliced bread ,the Squares and a utterly delicious batch of Butter Bean Curry from the famous singing Chef AnnaLakshmi turned comedian from her eatery.Inside the Wonder Bag it included a set of DIY instructions for me to make my own homemade bunny.

My bunny chow featured here is a hot and spicy Butter Bean Bunny served with side salads and an ice cold Coke Cola which pairs very well in my opinion.I creating my own DIY bunny at home and there is just something decadent about eating white bread.

So what is this all about, BB Bakeries has launched a Bunny Chow Food Truck to celebrate the best of KZN streetfood.The Food truck will be found popping up at various spots around KZN and .

Born and Bread in KZN

What does the flavour-filled, beloved Durban meal, Bunny Chow, and BB Bakeries have in common? They are both ‘Born and Bread’ in KZN – and proud of it. If there is any dish that expresses the unique spice and flavour of KZN better than the cherished Bunny Chow, or any meal that relies on ‘bread’ more than the original ingenious ‘quarter’ loaf, then we’ll eat our rickshaw headdresses.
It therefore makes perfect sense that BB Bakeries, the proudly ‘Born and Bread’ KZN brand is excited to launch KZN’s first of its kind food truck to spice up the foodie scene this July: the #SomeBunnyToLove BB Bunny Chow food truck.

The #SomeBunnyToLove BB Bunny Chow food truck combines the best of Durban curry with BB Bakeries Unsliced White bread to provide much ‘kneaded’ meals at festivals, food markets and lifestyle events in Durban and surrounding areas. Designed as a toast to all things local to KZN by showcasing the colourful culture and colours of the province, the food truck will begin its journey on 28 July 2018 at the Shongweni Farmers’ Market and thereafter, will travel around KZN until October.

About BB Bakeries
BB Bakeries is a proudly homegrown offering for KZN by KZN’ers. Their rich and long history of producing only the finest quality began in 1851, that is over 160 years of locally baked loaves that deliver consistent, timeless taste and freshness. In keeping up with international bread trends, BB Bakeries have recently launched the new BB Squares, a first of its kind product in South Africa’s baked goods.

To match their ‘Born ‘n Bread’ loaf, BB Bakeries have partnered with a ‘Born ‘n Bread’ Durban curry expert, Anasia Govender aka Annalakshmi from Chilli Kadhai. “We are delighted to be working with a passionate champion of the Bunny Chow. Anasia shares our belief that the best quality products and an artisan attention to process and detail is what make the best food experiences. Of course, we both also believe that a meal is nothing without some family-fun connection and entertainment,” explains BB Bakeries Senior Brand Manager, Trisha Chetty.

My BB Bunny Chow Truck Experience :

“People who love to eat are always the best people.” – Julia Child

Yesterday a group of us #DurbanFoodies headed to Shongweni Market to crush (eat) a Bunny.The #BBBakeries has set up a wonderful brightly coloured Foodtruck that will be popping up at various markets and First Thursdays around #KZN. The curries are all prepared by the extremely talented singing chef Anasia and trust me the curry is utterly delicious.Besides the foodtruck selling bunnys there is a Curryoke both where you can sing and win a #BunnyChow as well as get into the bunny booth and have some fun while waiting fpr your order.Fun for the whole family 🙂 All week I was singing “now you just some bunny that I used to know ” lol corny but I did not have the courage to actually sing.

So check out this foodtruck defo worth it. Oh and you can get a personalised bunny check out mine with #SpiceGoddess on the front of my bunny.

The #SomeBunnyToLove truck is no standard food truck and serves no standard Bunny Chows either. The BB Bunnies come served with Paneer-stuffed bread balls as well as the traditional carrot salad. “This is our innovative use of the crustless portion of the loaf that is left over,” explains Anasia Govender of Chilli Kadhai. Fans can select from three popular curries, Chicken, Mutton or Bean, or can opt for a smaller serving of deliciousness with the BB Mini Trio made from BB Squares. With BB Bakeries, it’s Bunnies with a dash of panache!

When it comes to entertainment, the BB Bakeries team is not loafing around either. The #SomeBunnyToLove food truck has been pimped to resemble the kind of decorated trucks that India is famous for, complete with an over-the-top cab where guests can sing ‘Curryoke’ in a real ‘Bollywood’ video booth. As an added surprise, patrons and singers at the BB Bakeries #SomeBunnyToLove food truck may audition for the truck’s team, and if their voices are considered really hot, may even get their Bunny Chow for free.

Of course, as with any pop-up food experience they have also provided something for guests’ Instagram feeds to feast on. BB fans can jump into a giant Bunny-Booth, a half loaf photo booth for a chance to share their bunny love. Make sure to snap pictures and share your BB Bunny on Instagram by tagging and following @BunnyChowLove for a chance to win your next BB Bunny for free. Not to mention that you might just find your name ‘magically’ laser toasted onto the side of your Bunny.

Be sure to follow the #SomeBunnyToLove food truck on its route around KZN to seek fellow Bunny Chow and KZN Lovers. To follow the #SomeBunnyToLove Bunny Truck visit their Facebook page @BBBakeries or check out all the visual action on their Instagram Page @BunnyChowLove. Don’t miss out – the #SomeBunnyToLove food truck is quite literally the best thing since sliced bread.

Catch the BB Bunny Chow truck :

2nd August – First Thursdays

9th August – Umhlanga Food & Music Festival

Be Inspired !



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