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The Case of the Meraki Ring

I love wearing jewels be it neck pieces or bangles. I do not feel dressed without some jewellery on. But for some reason I do not own many rings or for that matter wear those I have. All that changed just before my trip to Abu Dhabi when I was sent a Meraki Ring from
Meraki Ring
Packaged in a gorgeous wooden box was my stunning Meraki Ring with the 3 gem stones I had chosen. I had picked a black, white and Rose Quartz gem stones. The Meraki Ring I had picked was Rose Gold which matches my watch and I am in love with Rose Gold.
Meraki Ring ? Gem Stones ? How does this all fit.

  1. The Meraki Ring comes in different sizes and different metals which include Rose Gold, Silver and Yellow Gold. The finishes of these can be either Matt or Shiny , I opted for shiny.
  2. A large variety of Gem stones are available for you to pick from. The Rose Quartz is said to attract love and is my Birth Gem stone so hence I picked that while in Indian traditions the Black Gem stone is said to keep away the evil eye.
  3. Right but what I forgot to say was these Meraki Rings are interchangeable and you can change the Gem Stones according to your mood or outfit. How cool is that! I loved this factor especially as when you are travelling it is hard to carry all the accessories you need.

Meraki Ring #InAbuDhabi
It was love at first sight when I opened up my package with my Meraki Ring. Instantly I was drawn to the Black Gem stone which matched my watch perfectly. I opted to wear my Meraki Ring as a Pinkie Ring which is oh so British and reminds me of Royalty. I received lots of attention when I posted pics of the Ring and Watch combo. On returning back from Abu Dhabi , I walked into an office and instantly asked to show her my Ring. So YES I have now become a Ring person and love my Meraki Ring.
Now for the best part ! The Meraki Ring is currently on offer for a limited time for just R500 and you get 2 gem stones of your choice free ! That is a 50% savings. So go check out for this and other beautiful pieces of jewellery to spoil yourself or someone special in your life this festive season.
Do you wear jewellery ? What kind of jewels do you wear ? Traditional ,Modern or Costume pieces?
Be Inspired !
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