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A Bridal Shower ,Christmas & Mendhi Night #SITC

Friends are the family we choose. Life has been rather kind to me and I have made some amazing friends in my journey , some who no longer are around but their memories linger on.
Last weekend , I got to spend the night with my girls. Bit of background here Mahesh and Mals are family and Roch is a friend who has become family. Not having sisters I now feel blessed  as I have my own tribe of sisters who truly are my cheerleaders and fill my life with so much love and kindness that I feel very blessed. We do not see each other all the time but we are always in touch. With all our crazy lives we find time for Girls Days out and always do something special for Birthdays. At our last day out we decided that we would meet prior to Roch’s wedding for a Bridal Shower and we would do our Annual Christmas Tradition ( we only started this last year).
The most suitable weekend was picked and then the planning started. When I say planning I need to explain that literally we planned everything via a chat group a week before. As we all know each other very well it was pretty easy to get things done. The first was picking a Theme. Currently I am loving themed parties so I suggested The Carnival. The girls loved this theme as we would wear all black ,masks and beads. The Bride to Be would be Queen of the Carnival and was instructed to wear a Red dress.
Bridal Shower Carnival Theme
With all the end of year madness we all needed a time out and a chilled evening with the girls. Mahesh decided to play host at her new home and boy did she do a lovely job. Saturday morning could not come quicker so that I could pack up and get started. In four hours we had everything sorted from shopping to cooking to decor to making shooters.
Roch was really surprised when she walked in seeing the Rose Petals forming the R and K and her candy table. The idea behind the candy table was from the idea that Roch was having one for her wedding but would not even get a chance to sample some sweet treats so this was literally her table.
Bridal Shower Decor
The night unfolded with cocktails and yummy food. Our favourite music played in the background drowned by our laughter. There is nothing more special than spending times with your loved ones. We recollected memories of 2015 ,our dramas ,our victories but above all else we celebrate us and the bond that we share.
Then it was time for the Christmas Gift Swap. So we each buy 3 gifts which we then exchange with each other. We earlier had decided on a budget but trust me none of us stick to budgets. I decided to get pretty creative and make my own DIY Christmas Gift bags which I will share with you in another post. As we each opened up our gifts there were so many oohs and awwws and OMGosh I love it moments. Each girl had put so much thought and effort into the gifts.Spoilt ? Beyond measure I will be sharing my pics on Instagram soon.
Bridal Shower Cocktails and Fun
After this we decided it was time to try out my Milktart Shooters before we got creative. A game involving play dough in various colours and Biology happened so much fun and laughter reminded us of childhood. It was then time to bring out the Henna/Mendhi which the bride to be applied for us as she could not get it done as it was her wedding the following weekend and there would be a traditional Mendhi event.
At 3am we started to fade and we called it a night got into pjs and bedtime it was.Well we still chatted away till we finally fell asleep. We surfaced rather early and all got into one bed continued with our stories and jokes. Then it was time to shower and have brekkie leftovers really do taste better the next day.
Each of us left with happy hearts ,priceless memories and bags of amazing gifts. We each needed this weekend to relax and be with our Cheerleaders. This was such a beautiful way to end 2015 and await the amazing 2016 which we all know will be filled with more amazing memories of the #SITC girls.
To my amazing #SITC girls, I love you 3 to the moon and back. I know this is just the start of many wonderful memories we shall make together till we are old and grey. I am blessed to have you 3 in my life. Thank you for always having my back ,cheering me on and remaining constant in my life. Your love and kindness goes beyond anything I have experienced. Wishing my sisters a blessed and safe festive season and may 2016 bring you enough of everything. 2 down 2 to go !
Do you spend days out with your friends? Are there Christmas traditions you observe with your friends?
Be Inspired !
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PS . Roch got married last night !

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