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It is after 9pm , very late for my usual blog Tuesday blog post, BUT it has to be done.
Often we regret all those times we never told our loved ones just how much we value them in our lives.So today I am encouraging you to not put this off .Our parents and grandparents are getting older and we dont know how much longer they will be with us.
Currently my Gran, is in hospital this is her 2 hospital stay in 3 weeks.She is in a fragile state and in severe pain.It breaks my heart to see her this way.And after losing Dad we all are very weary of hospitals.All we as a family can do is make her comfortable and tell her how much she means to us.
I have had several people over time walk in and out my life, some have stayed forever others for short spells.Thinking back I recall fondly that I did say to some how much they mean to me.So starting from tonight I will send a few messages telling my loved ones how much they mean to me and how they make my world a better place.I think of all those great memories , fun times and uncontrollabe laughter.My life is richer for all those amazing souls in my life and those who have walked away.
To every person who reads this post, I thank you for allowing me to share my thoughts with you.I wish to inspire you all to start telling those in your lives much they mean to you .A simple Tweet, SMS, Whatsapp , email or a call is all that it takes…..
Be Inspired!

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