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Food Glorious Food #InAbuDhabi

One of the most popular questions that I get asked when I travel is ” How was the food?” Coming from an Indian home where food and cooking is the heart of a home this is no surprise. On my recent trip to Abu Dhabi I was spoilt for choice.
The breakfast buffet at the Shangri La hotel where I stayed was just something else. Firstly it is important to know that all meat served in Abu Dhabi is Halaal and that there is no pork served. The buffet included the usual breakfast bits but also include Dim Sum ,Grilled Beef ,Roast Lamb and a variety of Indian dishes. At one point I thought I was in a different time zone and this was not breakfast. Emirati Food was also on the menu as well as an entire sweet treats sections which included fresh pancakes,waffles and 10 different ice creams. We do know that breakfast is the  most important meal of the day and sets you up for the day ahead. A full breakfast was indeed needed as our days were jam packed with activities. I noticed that on average my SHealth App on my mobile phone was recording 12500 daily so yes I was burning it up. That old popular saying of eating breakfast like a King is very apt in Abu Dhabi BUT wait I ate like royalty for all my meals.


Shangri La Hotel

Shangri La Hotel
The large variety of eateries in Abu Dhabi is any foodies dream come true. Cuisines from literally every corner of the globe can be found in Abu Dhabi. There is no shortage of highly skilled chefs and it is no surprise that I had the honor of eating at 2 eateries owned by 2 different Michelin Star chefs. Having only watched these chefs on TV eating their food was an experience for the memory books.
Fruit/Veg/Date market #inabudhabi
We visited a local fruit and vegetable market. I was very surprised at the extremely good quality of produce and the prices were cheaper than here in South Africa. While at this market we wandered down to the Date Market to sample and buy some amazing Dates in so many varieties. I did end up with a sugar rush from the Dates and 1 kg of beautiful Dates to bring home.
Sontaya Thai food at St Regis

Sontaya Thai food at St Regis

Each meal eaten in Abu Dhabi stands out. As each was so delicious , beautifully plated and full of flavour. Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined eating the best Thai and Spanish food ever in this Emirati but I did. The majority of the chefs are highly skilled from various parts of the world. Having chefs trained from specific parts of the world mean that the flavours are the real thing.
One of my favourite things about Travel is the Food. The different ingredients and techniques always intrigue me. I will be sharing more about some of the places we dined at and I will be interviewing a Michelin Star Chef in the next few weeks. So make sure you are following so you do not miss out!
Where in the world did you eat an amazing meal ?Are you keen to try out new dishes ?
Be Inspired !
Pearls by Michael Caines #InAbuDhabi

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