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The rituals of Manicures

Two weeks ago randomly ,I decided to walk into Sorbet and get a manicure done. I have not had a manicure in probably 2 years as I used to have gel nails and would go every 2 weeks for maintenance. This left my nails rather damaged so I stopped. As a blogger I often get sent nail polish to review and it is difficult if I have gel on my nails and be able to try out the nail polish.
Luckily I was able to get an appointment and picked up a Sorbet Menu to decide what kind of Manicure I wanted. But before I go one I need to say that the staff are so friendly and helpful that it makes visiting the Galleria store such a treat. After taking a few minutes I decided on the Power Mani. This included exfoliation,massage,file,buff and paint and costs R235. My hands needs pampering and I have real bad ridges on my nails which doesnt look good when I paint my nails.
Manicures have been around for 5000 years. There has been an increase in men going for manicures. I love this as I love a well groomed man and one of the first things I look at are a man’s hands. Manicures are a cosmetic beauty treatment for fingernails and hands.
nail care
So generally a Manicure consists of the following :
3)pushing back if cuticles
7)nail polish
Sorbet Manicure
There are a large variety of nail polishes on the market that include sparkles and literally every colour of the rainbow. Nail Art is really popular and often jewellery is added to your nails.
Morgan Taylor Nail Polish
I opted for a rather bright blue and a glitter for my accent finger. Morgan Taylor nail polishes are found in all Sorbet stores and we all know how much I love MT. I love how fresh and summery these colours look on my nails.

Sorbet Manicure with Morgan Taylor Nail Polish

Sorbet Manicure with Morgan Taylor Nail Polish

morgan taylor nail polish
As a teenager and young adult I often walked passed nail bars and always was  very curious as to the ladies who went in. I often thought I would never spend that money on getting my nails done. But now things have changed and I have discovered why we go for Manicures and Pedicures :
1)It is a treat/pamper session away from the crazy world. Once you walk in you literally feel like a Princess getting served a Hot Drink and a sweet treat while having your treatment.
2)The perfect time to have a girlie timeout with your bestie/mum/sister/daughter. We get so busy with life that we forget to actually talk to each other.
3)A time to actually put away your phone. As your hands will be occupied thus allowing for a digital detox even for just an hour.
4) The time we spend chatting to the therapist doing our nails is actually a form of therapy. Most of us are too busy talking or listening and we just need someone to listen to us.
5)Escapism from the real world,a total time out where the only person that matters is you.
Please note that this is not a sponsored post and that I paid for my own Manicure.
Now for some exciting news ! On Saturday the 10 October 2015 all Sorbet Stores nationwide will be giving customers 10% off everything yes everything. That means products in store and treatments. Advance bookings must be made to avoid you missing out. If you are in the Durban area to give the Galleria store a visit and make a booking prior. Their number is 031-9041483 or 083 228 0620.
Have you had a manicure ? Your thoughts?
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