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A Guide to keep you sane

As of Monday,I have been off work ,well my day job for a week.Lots of people say lucky fish ! But as an educator a time out is much needed.From lecturing to marking and meetings the last term has been very busy.So as we head into the last stretch of the academic year 2015 a week off needed to recharge.This week I plan on doing this :
Me Time
We all get so caught up in the world , life and technology that we often do not have time for much else.The last few weeks sleep has been a luxury.I seem to going to bed later and getting up early.And the coffee is needed to help me get through the day BUT I am not actually supposed to have coffee.
So for this week I plan on doing something and nothing.Sounds weird you may say but let me explain.I will be trying to catch up on some sleep which means waking up later in the morning.I intend on scheduling blog posts for atleast the next 2 weeks so that will help me once I get back to work.When I head back to work it is Trial exams and then it is time for the Final exams which means marking and lots of invigilation.By scheduling my posts this means I will be able to get to bed earlier each evening once work starts.
I have already booked for mum and I a pamper session at Mangwanani Spa.We both are defo in need of a girl time and pampering.Just the thought of having someone get rid of all the knots in my shoulders and back sounds amazing.
I rarely have time to watch TV.So yes a lazy pj movie day will be the order for one of my days.Hopefully there will be some RomComs on my favourite type of movies.Mum is a huge fan of Bollywood movies so this break we will try and catch a movie at the cinema.Watching a movie in a cinema is kind of magical as it reminds me of being a kid again and how going to the movies was a treat.
It seems like forever since I actually read or completed a book.This break I hope to finish atleast two books.The fact that I am too tired to read this makes me sad as I love books.
Adult colouring my latest hobby will feature in my week off.The perfect way to destress and be creative at the same time.
I love cooking for loved ones.So this week the SpiceGoddess will be a domestic goddess.Cooking is such a fun way to get creative and destress.I have already put together a menu plan off sorts for the week ahead.
Everything I seem to have planned for my week off is to destress and relax.Without realising it I have planned things to take care of my body mind and soul.Stress has various negative effects on the body.Having me time is every important to keep your sanity.
What do you do to destress?
Be Inspired !

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