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Namaste #LoveMonth

And literally within a blink of an eye, we head into the second month of 2016. January is always a busy month getting back to work and routines especially after the summer holidays.
For me personally I wish I had more hours in my day to do everything on my Checklist or maybe a twin. 2016 a year of Possible and a very special year as it is a leap year. Been a Leap Year it means we get one more day to celebrate #LoveMonth and us girls get the chance to put on our big girl panties ,get down on one knee and ask the love of our lives to marry us.Talk about no pressure.
Namaste February aka #LoveMonth. Welcome to 2016. There seems to be some magical feeling around you this year not sure if it is because you are a Leap year or because I am loving life so much right about now.
Namaste a beautiful Sanskrit word is a powerful word with so much meaning. One of the aspects of my life I am focusing on for 2016 is working on my relationship with God. In January I partook in a ritual which tested my faith and made me have lots of conversations with my maker.
The Greeks got it right when they decided that they needed more than one word for Love. The Eskimos proved this point as well with their 50 words for snow. But alas our English Language has just 1 word. Love come in many forms in our life and all are not of a romantic kinda love.
So this #LoveMonth, I challenge you to Love Yourself ,share your love with others. Remember Love can be patriotic love ,love of your family ,love of nature ,love of your pets. In keeping with the theme of #LoveMonth my challenge is for you to share your images ,quotes ,links of blogs ,yotube videos of your favourite Love Songs with me on Social Media using these hashtags #LoveMonth #SpiceGoddessLove and tag me in your posts on IG : @verushka143 , Twitter : @verushka143. Let us celebrate #LoveMonth and spread the Love.
Dearest #LoveMonth, welcome once again. I got a special feeling about you. I know you will be not just amazing but mindblowing in so many ways. I look forward to all the love you bring into my world this month in all forms.
Dont forget to tag me in your #LoveMonth #SpiceGoddessLove posts on Twitter and IG. Do you celebrate #LoveMonth?
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