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My not so secret addiction…….

My not so secret addiction…….

Hello everybody. ………. My name is Verushka. …… And I love entering and winning competitions. Those who follow me on Twitter know that I have been having a lucky streak.
Earlier on today, my cousin asked if I had visited  I hadnt and boy was I surprised at how many competitions were just on this one site. Come on now,  we all love winning the thrill of winning immediately is such a huge boost to one.

So i decided to explore this website which was very simple to navigate. All the competitions were put into categories so I could choose what type of products I wanted to win. The site is made up of all the free online competitions in South Africa but with all on one page. Electronics and Fashion and Beauty immediately sparked my interest.

Wow mindblown at the large variety of Electronic products I could enter to win from phones to laptops to ipads.  No guesses what I will be doing tonight:-)
My other favourite category had even more amazing prizes up for grabs yipee,  excited bunny over here.

I love entering competitions and winning them is even a bigger thrill to me.  I never knew that there was so much out there until I started entering competitions on social networks.
So do yourself a favour. …… Go to and check out their amazing competitions. …. Who knows you might even win and become addicted like me

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