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5 people I have met from Twitter….

5 people I have met from Twitter….

My Twitter addiction started in August 2011 and since then has increased dramatically. I used to love Facebook but now I rarely go on to it. At first Twitter seemed daunting but in no time I found my way and totally loved it.

Since 2011 I have Tweeted 23577 Tweets and I have 780 followers. I recall my first couple of months and thinking will I ever get a 100 followers.I love Twitter as you can follow and interact with so many people all over the world even if it has a 140-character limit. My blogging journey also started due to Twitter and has grown. I have made some really awesome Twitter friends and I cant wait to meet them though I have also met several of them.
My list of 5 Tweeters includes:

# Deon Govender a popular DJ from Eastcoast Radio. Deon was super friendly ad always followed back and interacts with his followers. He has some pretty cool mixes on Spreaker that you can download. So check him out on Twitter @djdeong

# Jenny Morris a much loved SA Celebrity chef also known as The Giggling Gourmet. I had the awesome pleasure of meeting the amazing soul last year at The Good Food and Wine Show. Jenny was so lovely, funny and has such an amazing personality. She even signed a copy of her new cookbook and posed for pictures. My friends were all green-eyed monsters about how I knew Jenny and how she was so lovely to me. Aunty Jen as I now call her on Twitter has awesome tweets and always replies to her followers. Find her @JennyMorrisChef she will defo keep you laughing.
#Alvin Quah from Masterchef Australia was another Tweeter I met. Alvin was voted the most popular Masterchef contestant in SA. Alvin is a bundle of laughs and has a great stage personality. He was very friendly to the crowds and allowed a photo session. Check him out on @alvinquah

#Jsomething is the awesome lead singer from my favorite SA group MiCasa. I had the pleasure of meeting, photos, and chatting with this really awesome guy at The Heineken concert in CT. Awesome down-to-earth guy and not to mention drop-dead sexy 🙂 check him and MiCasa out @jsomethingmusic and @MiCasaMusic. Listen to their music it’s awesome.
#Zolani Mahola from the amazing group Freshly Ground another SA star so humble, friendly, and always replies to her followers on Twitter. Feel in love with her voice when she sang Sometime wow what a track…. Follow her on Twitter @zolanimahola.

Twitter is amazing I have met some pretty awesome people both famous and not so if you ain’t on Twitter I suggest you try it out and then you will realize why I call it my addiction…
Ciao for now Tweethearts…

Ps don’t forget to check me out on Twitter @verushka143

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