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Farewell Tata…….

Farewell Tata…….

With a heavy heart, a mind full of quotes, and tears brimming, I write this post in saying farewell to our beloved Tata Madiba.
I am prouder than can be to shout and tell the world yes “I am South African! I come from the country where the great Nelson Mandela walked this earth and fought for the rainbow nation I live in.”

We take so much in our lives for granted not realizing if it wasn’t for the hardships and sacrifices of Madiba we wouldn’t be where we are now doing what we are doing.

Dearest TATA Madiba

I write this letter to you with a sore heart and tears in my eyes knowing you are no longer among us.I would like to humbly thank you for all that you have done and sacrificed for all of us South Africans to live in a free and democratic country. Your powerful words of wisdom will live on forever , you were truly a great man who touched the hearts of millions all over the world.I feel honored to have lived in the time you walked this earth.

My prayer is that all South Africans continue your legacy and your work which started to leave a better world for our future generations.Let us all be that change and difference in the world striving for peace.

Mabida we love and honor you.
Hamba kakuhle Tata

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