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#LondonDiaries Day 5

Waking up in the much quieter High. up feeling refreshed.My instructions were to just brush my teeth and wash my face and to come downstairs for brekkie.Wait I didn’t tell you my aunt lives in a triple story house with the bedrooms on the top , lounge in the middle and kitchen and dining room on ground floor.
I followed my intructions , and was only to happy to laze about in my pjs for abit.While sipping on a hot cup of tea I played about on my new Lenovo Laptop while  my cousin and uncle prepared breakfast.There was lots of laughter catching up on family stories.
My aunt and uncle planned for us to visit Wembley which can only be described as a mini India.Our first stop was at this stunning temple not photography was allowed inside 🙁 The only pic was this one of the outside.The most interesting thing about this temple was that it catered for literally every sect of the Hindu culture.In terms of a mini temple for each deity was made , beauitifully decorated and adorned with flowers and a lamp.To me this was very touching that respect was shown to all the different sects within Hinduism and of how tolerant Hinduism is.
After this my aunt and I went shopping for Indian saries.Next year 2015 is filled with several weddings of cousins including that of my brother.Walking into every store made you feel as if you where in India with the Bollywood tracks playing in the background and people only speaking the various dialects found in India.The streets is lined on either side with clothing , jewellery and food stores.After doing some shopping we headed off for some typical Indian street food to the Chaat Parlour , we shared a samosa chaat and pani puri.Chaat is a salad of sorts with chick peas, onions, a tamarind sauce and lots of other indian ingredients , while Pani Puri is a crispy pancake that is hollowed out and filled with a watery sauce (hence the word Pani) and eaten in one mouthful.Indian street food can not be eaten in a prim and proper fashion.
After of street snack food we headed to get our takeaway dinner from Saravan Bhawan.Almost forgot to say my aunt and the entire family are vegetarian.This eatery is well know and has branches all over the world including Germany and Dubai.Their food is Pure vegetarian only.While walking here we came across several little temples along the road.It amazed that here I was in London but one could easily forget that as Wembley was indeed a mini India with its people, temples , food and shops.
We headed back to High Wycombe exhausted.Supper was a variety of yummy veg dishes from Saravan Bhawan which I totally enjoyed.We relaxed that evening while my cousin did my stunning British Flag nails.My uncle checked me in online for my flight the next evening.
It then hit me that I only had one day left in London before flying out the next evening.I headed to be at 11pm another early night tired and sad at the same time.
Day 6 to follow soon it wasn’t a long day but nonetheless an interesting day.
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