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The lessons I have learnt from Travel

The lessons I have learnt from Travel

To say I was born with some gypsy blood running through my veins would be an almost accurate description of my love for travel. Did I tell you that my name is of Russian origin and that I am South African of Indian roots? Crazy but maybe that was the start of my travel bug. From a young age both my parents instilled in me the joys and importance of travel. I often say “have passport will travel!” eager beaver keen to jump on a plane and let adventures begin.

During my travel adventures in Abu Dhabi last week , I captured this image on my mobile phone of sunset in the desert. This image is almost like a postcard. During my adventures in Abu Dhabi our schedules were filled each day with amazing experiences. I felt like a sponge just absorbing all the sights and sounds every side I turned to. And not forgetting the amazing group I travelled with who made this trip one to remember.
Prior to leaving I was not too sure about how much of money to take with me as all my meals,accomodation and activities were taken care of. So I decided on taking a small amount of cash just for shopping. I love spoiling my loved ones and would always buy them gifts from my travels. But this time it was different. I came home with a wallet still full , a few trinkets BUT over 2000 pictures and a million memories. Firstly there was no time to shop and secondly I was too busy ¬†soaking up everything around me to want to go shopping. Strange you may call it but I call it a life lesson. Travelling over the years has taught me so much especially this year and this is what I learned along the way….

Lessons from travelling :

  1. Collect memories not things. Often we end up buying things that we never use or are made in China and not the country we are in. These things collect dust and we forget they exist. The memories we collect last a lifetime and turn us into storytellers and thus live on our travel adventures. I have learnt to cut back in life buying things I rather save so I can create more memories and collect stamps in my passport.
  2. Appreciate my own culture and roots. It is only when we leave our comfort zone and experience the world do we appreciate where we come from and our heritage. Once you appreciate and celebrate your background then only can we appreciate what the world has to offer.
  3. Be open to new experiences. We become so comfortable in our lives that we forget just how big the world is and how much there is to experience. One line that kept popping up during my Desert Adventures was ” Say YES to Everything !” ok well most things and you will be surprised just how much you have been missing out on.
  4. Loved ones. When we travel away from our family and friends it is only then that we realise just how loved we really are. As we arrived in Abu Dhabi while waiting for our luggage we got news of the Paris Bombings. This instantly took me back to the London Bombings while I was living there and the fear of the unknown and losing loved ones. I really appreciated all the messages from my loved ones while I was away it showed me those who really care for me.

5. Everyone you meet has a story waiting to be heard. Each of us have a story to tell all we need is someone to listen. Travellers have amazing stories as well as expats. Even taxi drivers and tour guides are a wealth of information so stop talking and ¬†start listening. While on Yas Beach with my camera and beach bag , a lady came up to me and asked me where I was from. She was from Chicago and her husband is a pilot for Etihad Airlines but wait for it the story got more interesting. This lady was part of the only women’s dragon boating club in UAE and and the other members were also Etihad pilot wives. Watch this space as I will be writing a post about the Etihad wives soon.
So my #TuesdayTruth today is about collecting memories and not things. Things break ,get lost or stolen but memories last a lifetime.Stop talking and start listening you might be surprised at what you hear. Create memories become storytellers and start to declutter your life.

What has been your most memorable travel memory ? What was the best thing you brought back from a holiday?
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