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Kerala Blog Express 2016

A few days ago a South African blogger , tagged me in a tweet with Kerala Tourism. Having just returned from my Media Trip to Abu Dhabi this caught my attention rather instantly. Being of Indian roots and having never set foot in India was the motivating force of why I clicked on to the link.
Kerala Blog Express
So what is Kerala Blog Express?

  1. It is a 2 week road trip through Kerala.

2. Travel bloggers from around the world are invited to take part to gain a place on this roadtrip. 30 bloggers will be selected to visit Kerala.
3. KBE is running in its 3rd year of existance.
4. Bloggers will explore the sights ,sounds and tastes of the beautiful Kerala.
5. The selection will be based on your blog and the number of votes you recieve. Now this is where I need your help.
6. Bloggers will be required to pay their own airfare to Kerala but at the end of the roadtrip will be compensated 70% of the ticket.
Why do I want to go?

  1. I have never visited Indian though I have an Indian Heritage.
  2. My ancestors came from India to South Africa in 1820.
  3. A perfect way for the Spicegoddess to learn more about cookery and Kerala.
  4. So I can share with the world my Kerala adventures.
  5. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Now I need your help!

  1. click on this link to vote for me
  2. You can only vote once .

3.Share this post and get your friends to vote for me.
Thank you in advance for playing a part in helping to get the #SpiceGoddessInKerala.
Have you visited India ? Would you visit India?
Be Inspired !
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