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Desert Adventures #InAbuDhabi

The Desert is a place of beauty and mystery. On my 1st day in Abu Dhabi we were whisked off on our Desert Adventure. We were picked up by our friendly driver in a 4×4 before we headed off into the sand dunes.
The Arabian Nights Village, were our hosts that evening. Nothing could have prepared us for the evening ahead. The journey to the village took over an hour and thirty minutes. All I could see was sand dunes with a few camels walking along. My first thought was imagine if were got stranded here , no one would find us for days as we were the only van on the desert highways. The radio belted out Radio 1 pop songs while we continued this roadtrip.
4x4 convoy waiting for Dune Adventures
Finally we saw signs of life and a what seemed like a very protected village with the high walls and two watchtowers. Three beautifully decorated camels sat outside welcoming us to the Arabian Nights Village. On arrival  we were greeted with welcome drinks and told that shortly we would be going on our dune bashing adventure. A convoy of 4×4 vehicles were getting ready for us and this meant tyre pressure was been let out. I had some idea of what dune bashing would be but not the full picture. The drivers are fully qualified to handle the desert terrain and even take bets as to which driver will end up having a sick person onboard. Our driver won and no it was not me that was sick.
Watching the vehicles ahead of us bounced around the dunes almost like a jumping castle, made me glad that I was strapped in safely. From the high dunes to the deepest dunes our driver took us there.The van was filled with lots of screams ,laughter and silent prayers.
Desert Sunset Pose
But in the end when we stopped to take our sunset pictures the ride was so worth it. The sand was incredibly soft that I took off my shoes and walked barefeet feeling at one with Mother Nature. It was incredible seeing the sand dunes around us and our foot prints disturbing the natural patterns of Mother Nature’s art work. It was then time to head back to the village for an evening of entertainment.
Dusk at the Arabian Nights Village
Camel Rides were next on the list but the girls including me were not too keen. Instead we wandered off into the village and got Henna patterns done. Sand dune surfing is also part of the activities on offer. Over night accomodation is also available at the village. As the sunset began to disappear the beautiful crescent moon showed up in the sky among the stars. The temperature dropped rapidly and I was glad to have carried my lightweight cardigan and a scarf.
Henna /Mendhi
The middle of the village was set up with a stafe and carpets covered the soft desert sand. On the floor seating which is very popular in Arab and Indian counteries was our open air eatery for the night. Structured cushions and low tables created a very intimate feeling. Traditional music as well as a belly dancer formed the entertainment for the evening.
Dinner was a buffet of traditional Emirati dishes which included grilled meats and a variety of side dishes. We tucked into this meal while enjoying the traditional Arabian entertainment.The highlight of the Desert Adventure came  after dinner.
All the lights in the village were switched off. I felt like singing Simon & Garfunkel Sound of Silence. The desert was incredibly silent with a soft breeze. We all looked up at the night sky and marvelled at the beauty of the stars. Everyone wanted to spot a shooting star so they could wish upon a star. The perfect end to our Desert adventure twenty minutes later the lights were switched on and our fantastic driver was ready to take us back to the bright lights of the big city. I felt leaving the Arabian Nights Village as if I had stepped back in time and was apart of an Arabian Nights storybook adventure.
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