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Life Lately ….#NovemberEdition

My body clock is rather strange and messed up due to many reasons. The first  would be my ever changing work times and the second my over active brain.
Current situation is Saturday morning in bed with a cup of tea blogging because I can not sleep. The weather is dull and wet. Thankful of the much needed rain as our water supply is on danger levels. This kind of weather reminds me of London days and often I forget it is Summer here in South Africa
Having returned from my whirlwind Abu Dhabi adventure, life lately has been rather hectic…
At the moment…
Since returning from Abu Dhabi I hit the ground running and was back to work and my normal life routines. My body however is not to happy and I have been suffering with a head cold for a week now. As it is exam season , my work days are filled with invigilation sessions which is good but I dont get to see any of my friends at work.
I had an early invigilation session which meant I was done at 1pm. This gave me the chance to pop into the mall to have lunch with mum at Simply Asia. Since I have this headcold nothing tastes good to me so I was craving my fav noodle dish 514. The mall was rather chaotic with the Black Friday sales and everyone trying to get a bargain or two. I did not venture into any of the stores as for a few months now , I am cutting down on spending. I did however by a pack of Invisibobbles hair rings which I will be reviewing soon.
With a full belly and burning mouth I headed off to Sorbet to have my feet done. I have recently started using the Gelish range of nail polish and love the fact that it lasts so long. I love the atmosphere of the store ,friendly ladies that work there and the chance to sit back and relax.
Looking forward….
Next week the girls are getting together and hosting a Bridal Shower for Roch. She is getting married the following weekend. I am really looking forward to spending quality time with the awesome foursome as they are my Cheerleaders. There will be lots of laughs, cocktails and memories that night so I cant wait.
Roch’s wedding is going to be amazing and several days of activities before the actual wedding. As you all know I love weddings and dressing up so I will defo be in my element.
I am looking forward to the holidays away from my day job. During my time off I intend on catching up on my reading and blogging.
These days…
I have cut down watching TV to an hour a day and my time on my phone including phone calls. This has meant I have time to read and get more sleep. I have problems getting enough sleep so hopefully I can get more sleep and it becomes a routine.
I believe ….
Better days are ahead and if I thought that 2015 was amazing then 2016 is going to be mindblowing.
I believe that hardwork never killed anyone and sacrifices are worth it for the bigger picture to be painted.
Kindness makes you a beautiful person to be a kind human always.
I am convinced….
That 2015 was just a taste of what is going to come in terms of my SpiceGoddess adventures.
Love is not a myth and it does exist we just need to be patient.
A grateful heart is the key to unlocking the miracles in life.
I wish …
That the last month of 2015 brings you enough of what you need and desire. I wish you a month of blessings and I dare you to be a blessing.
Personally I wish good health for my loved ones and their safety during the festive period.
Prince Charming is on his way ….or maybe I have met him already and he is yet to reveal his identity. I wish for the real Prince Charming to please stand up.
I wish that the plans that God has for me become a reality in 2016.
What have you been up to recently? Do you find you have too few hours in your day?
Be Inspired!
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