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The Importance of Web Design for a Blogger

The Importance of Web Design for a Blogger

The life of a blogger is a lot more complicated than all the awesome Instagram pictures. Besides just writing a blog post you need to be rather tech savvy and have a technical brain. Considering that I am not very smart when it comes to technical matters, the setting and web design of my blog was rather a challenge. The process was frustrating and often left my blog with mistakes.
We all need to start somewhere and often it is by trial and error and we learn along the way. Check out this post where I share the journey till now The Tao of the SpiceGoddess , in this post you will see just how much my blog has changed over time.
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Importance of having a good web design :

  1. Branding – this is something I can not stress how important this is for a blogger. Looking at my blog design it reflects the Spice Goddess brand . The colour palette used is also found in my logo so there is a continuation and makes it easily identifiable.
  2. Navigation – it is important for your readers to be able to find what they are looking for on your blog and not have to troll and get frustrated.
  3. It is a proven fact that a well designed site increases traffic to your blog.
  4. Attraction – as much as we say inner beauty matters, when it comes to a website  an attractive site is a memorable site. A well designed site is a site that readers return too.
  5. Functionality  – a blog that is well designed means that Brands and PR companies can get in contact with you.
  6. Your blog is an online CV of your brand.

In April the lovely folk from decided to give my blog a makeover. Such a great gift in my Birthday Month. So like I said earlier in this post , I can be techno challenged and somethings I can not do. So getting an offer like this was music to my ears.
Sumarie from the team work on my blog and wait for this …. all this was done remotely via emails. Considering we live in such a digital age it makes sense that the design process can happen this way too.

What happened ?

  1. An initial phone call took place Sumarie and myself took place. This was almost like a meet and greet. It is important to form a bond with your design person.
  2. I was then asked to think about what I wanted my blog design to look like and what I wanted added or removed.
  3. In keeping with the Spice Goddess brand and logo , I wanted the Hot Pink found in the logo. And I also wanted a clean not so busy blog.
  4. I also wanted my feeds from Twitter and Instagram to be added as well as buttons to Follow Me.
  5. After a few emails and screenshots back and forth we are now here.

Thank you team especially the talented Sumarie for understanding what I wanted and needed. There are a few things more I want to change but all in good time. As a business or a blogger never underestimate the importance of a well designed website.
And now for the best part Web Design packages start from R750 for more information you can email . For more information on the services offered check out
Be Inspired !

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