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The essential guide to packing for a cruise

The essential guide to packing for a cruise

I am a planner of note but packing often ends up happening rather last-minute because life happens.More than often it is just packing for me so I kind of have a packing list in my head and know what I generally need.However earlier this year ,I headed off on a cruise with my Mum  .

This experience taught me several things especially about preparing and packing as I was doing this for two and not just me.The first thing about packing for your cruise would be to make sure you have good luggage.Packing for a cruise is very different to packing for any other holiday.

The first starting point after booking your cruise would be to prepare for your trip.This means getting suitable luggage for several reasons.Investing in good quality luggage is very important for all travellers.Below is a list of luggage tips.

Luggage Tips for packing for a cruise

1.Invest in good quality luggage.Check out reviews online ask friends and family.

2.Choose luggage that has a lock already prevents you losing keys.

3.Select numbers for your luggage lock that are easy to recall but not the common numbers like 123 ,000,111.Get creative but remember.

4.Pick luggage in a unique or unusual colour or design so tat you can easily identify you luggage in the sea of luggage.

5.Buy luggage with wheels.Your back with thank you in the long run.

6.Tag your bags with luggage tags that are easily identifiable with your necessary contact on the tag.

7.Print out the labels provided by MSC with your cabin details prior to the trip and attach to luggage securely.

Check out the House of Samsonite for some pretty cool luggage options.

Planning is vital and packing really can not be done last minute.Before you start packing you need to do some research on your cruise :

1.How many days?

2.What will the weather be like ?

3.Are there any dress codes ?

4.Will there be any dress up theme nights?

5.Dress for the destination.

6.Check out what plug points are onboard incase you need an international adaptor.

7.Read up on cruise information supplied.

8.Check out what facilities are onboard to help you plan your packing.

Now that you have some vital information it is time to start packing or should I say start preparing to pack for your cruise.Besides your clothes having and knowing your luggage needs will help you in packing.

Luggage needed for cruise :

1.1 Large suitcase per passenger is allowed.Excess luggage is charged for.

2. A backpack -is needed to carry medication,a book,sunglasses,sunblock,sunhat ,passports and tickets for when you are boarding.As well as anything you need instantly.

3.A small bag to carry around your essentials on the cruise.I have opted for a Cabin Zero Backpack which is perfect as a hand luggage.

4.Optional is a soft bag for your shopping.I love the cotton shopping bags which can be squashed into any corner of my bag.

It is important not to over pack for you cruise and only take the essentials and this is the key to your cruise packing  .

There are shops on board for items you might have forgotten.However this shops can tend to be rather expensive.

Essentials to pack for your cruise :


2.Swimming costumes 2 maximum.

3.Shoes – Flip Flops ,sandals ,suitable walking shoes for excursions and shoes for the evening.

4.Daywear – summer dresses,shorts,T-shirts ,kaftans and sarongs.

5.Evening wear – smart casual,plan a mix and match wardrobe.

6.A lightweight jersey or jacket or a shawl as it can get a little chilly in the evenings.

Other things to pack :

1.Medication – painkillers,chronic meds and sea sickness tablets.

2.Charging cords and cables for phones,cameras(memory card) ,hair straightners.No need to carry a hair dryer as there is one in the bathroom.

3.First Aid Kit-plasters ,anti bacterial cream.

4.Books and magazines to read.

5.Toiletries in travel sizes.

6.A powerbank.

7.Copies of your travel documents and credit cards in a waterproof wallet.

This essential guide is put together from my own personal experiences having been on a cruise twice.All that is left is for you to head off on your cruise and make memories.

Be Inspired !



Do let me if I have left out anything for a cruise.

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