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Learning Lifelong #TuesdayTruth

Each day we encounter situations where we are forced to learn something new. Most times this something new is outside of our comfort zone and challenges us mentally and physically.
As I get older , I have come to realise that there is so much more to learn and that I do not know everything. I firmly believe that learning never ends and is a lifelong process. Often we are too caught up life that we forget to learn something, just the other day at work I learnt from an intern how to change the settings on a printer. The teacher became a learner as the intern was actually an ex student of mine. As I get older I am also rather curious about my religion and cultural heritage. I tend to spend ages online reading articles and googling various questions that I always ponder about. Each time I am learning more about my cultural and religious heritage and I am appreciating and looking at my roots in a different light.
So now I got you thinking and I am pretty sure you are saying to yourself that there is no way I could learn something new everyday. Believe me you can  !
Tips to learn something new everyday :

  1. Watch Tedx Talks.
  2. Read more books ,blog posts and newspapers.
  3. Spend time in the company of children and you will learn to see the world differently.
  4. Make time to spend quality time with the elders in your family. The old folks are filled with encyclopedias of information about life ,family history and culture.
  5. Put down your mobile phone and actually hold a conversation with your family, friend and work associates. You will be surprised how interesting some of them are and how much you have in common with them.

Often when we think about the word learning we instantly think of school and studying but learning is much more than book learning. In a very popular quote it says ” Give a man a fish he eats for a day,teach him to fish he eats everyday” This proves that learning happens on different levels from doing to listening to watching. Several people teach themselves how to do things by watching others and then copying them.
Use each day wisely , to improve your skills and knowledge. Try to learn something new everyday and once you learn it teach others. Spread your knowledge and skills and not only will you change lives but you will make a difference in the world.
Have you recently learnt something new?
Be Inspired !
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