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Laager Rooibos shares 5 tips on how to enjoy healthier holidays this festive season

Laager Rooibos shares 5 tips on how to enjoy healthier holidays this festive season

December is traditionally a time to relax the dietary restrictions and let loose, but with health taking centre stage this year, it’s important to maintain a good balance heading into the 2020 festive season. Laager Rooibos, second largest Rooibos in the world and the only Rooibos brand that carries the Heart & Stroke Foundation of South Africa ‘heart mark’, has shared some quick and easy ways to enjoy the holiday season, while also heading into 2021 on a healthy note.  

I personally find as the year starts to wind down I seem to get more busier and if anything 2020 has been such a mix bag of emotions.If anything the stress and deadlines are insane.In terms of the blog I seem to have so much to still do and as for work by this point Exams and marking were done and dusted YET this year we are closing much later and exams are still on.With all the pressures of life and Covid still a huge part of our lives people are stressed and worn out and yes Covid Fatigue is a real thing.

“After a challenging year, people are looking forward to relaxing the rules a bit over the holidays which is completely understandable,” said Laager Rooibos Marketing Manager, Candice Sessions. “While having fun and replenishment are important, we’re encouraging South Africans to implement a few basic practices so that they can enjoy themselves while also retaining good health.”

I personally can not wait for the academic year to end but with the second wave knocking our door we do need to look after ourselves ,take meds,eat properly and keep sanitizing.Check out these tips on how to have a healthier and safer festive season.

1. Plan outdoor get-togethers

To maintain all relevant Covid-19 health and safety regulations while still spending quality time with friends and family, take advantage of the sunny summer weather and opt for outdoor get-togethers such as braais and picnics.But keep in mind the following :

1.Social distancing.

2.Hand sanitisers for your guests.

3.Use disposable cups,plates and crockery.

4.Limit your numbers.

5.If outdoors you still need masks.

6.Buffets meals are a no no so prepacked or a few people serving is a better solution.

2. Freeze leftovers

No matter how well-catered a Christmas event has been, there are always many leftovers. Rather than giving into the inevitable temptation and gorging on them all in a few days, carefully package and freeze leftovers to get you through ‘Janu-worry’.Leftovers make amazing meals when added to stews,pastas,cheesesauce bakes ,wraps,pizza toppings and so much more.And with us limiting our shopping trips in Covid freezing leftovers is a great idea.

3. Schedule exercise

Rather than lounging around indoors watching TV, get the family outside for a walk in nature or a friendly sporting contest. It’s also worth scheduling exercise throughout December as it’s very easy to get out of this important habit on holiday.Walking and going for a hike are great ways to keep moving there are some really fantastic places in every area so ask people for suggestions.Also do not forget about wearing a mask and sunscreen when going outdoors.Keep hydrated at all times.

4. Home-made ice teas

Switch out the sugar-laden fizzy drinks for water or home-made ice tea.I find ice teas so refreshing and during summer a jug is always in my fridge.I do love using the kiddies flavoured Rooibos teabags to make my ice tea. This will ensure you’re meeting your daily hydration recommendation (eight glasses a day), while also taking away the temptation of overeating. For an easy, home-made iced tea recipe, simply freeze fruit into iced cubes with water. Then make up a batch of Laager Rooibos, cool, add a dash of honey to taste, and then include the fruity ice cubes.


5. Choose ‘mocktails’ over cocktails

There’s a tendency to indulge in more alcoholic beverages at this time of year, but alcohol can deplete B vitamins while also diminishing the body’s natural immune system. Swop out those cocktails for healthier mocktails. Renowned South African chefs and Laager Rooibos ambassadors, Tebo and Lebo Ndala, have shared a delicious festive mocktail recipe with a Cranberry & Wild Cherry twist.Mocktails are fun and something the whole family can have.Setting up a DIY mocktail bar can be fun for the family so everyone feels like a grown up.


(makes 6 tea-tinis)


4 Laager Cranberry & Wild Cherry Rooibos teabags

4 cups boiling water

1/2 cup sugar

100 ml lemon juice 

Sparkling lemonade or sparkling water, to serve 

1. Brew the teabags in the boiling water for 15 minutes to extract the tea flavor. 

2. Remove teabags from water. 

3. Simmer the tea and sugar on medium heat until sugar is dissolved.

4. Reduce the liquid to 1 cup of simple syrup. 

5. Set it aside, leave it to cool. 

6. In a flask, add some ice, tea syrup, lemon juice and shake till flavors combine and flask is cold. 

7. Pour liquid into martini glasses and top up with the sparkling lemonade, or sparkling water. 

Keep safe this festive season ,wear a mask,sanitise and make social distancing all part of your routine.

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