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The Best Souvenirs to buy from South Africa

The Best Souvenirs to buy from South Africa

South Africa is a beautiful country that everyone should visit atleast once in their lifetime.And no I am not just saying that  because I am South African and love my country BUT because it has so much to offer.From amazing beaches to divine food and wine , South Africa is a melting pot of all things wonderful.


The food and wine in South Africa is full of flavour and taste not forgetting off a very high quality.So it no wonder that most of the things Tourists to South Africa take back include the flavours of here.When I lived abroad I missed everything from Sauces to chocolates and even spices.And most of the things I never liked before became a MUST have from home.

Tourists to South Africa are spoilt for choice when it comes to buying home trinkets to take home.So besides the usual magnets South African souvenirs are pretty awesome.When I travel personally I try to bring back spices ,jewellery and things to eat to remind me of my travels.I also try to buy from small local businesses and give back to these communities.

Things to buy from South Africa

1.Wine – South Africa is well-known for its excellent wines which are produced in  the Western Cape, South African wine is very sought after.Good quality wine ,MCC and sparkling wine at affordable prices makes taking wine back a must for wine lovers.Many wine farms and estates will ship your wine to you so you don’t have to worry about customs.However you are allowed per person to carry 2× 2litres of wine or spirits.

2. Spices – with a melting pot of cultures it is no surprises that there is a wide variety of spices available in South Africa.Aromat is a seasoning salt used on eggs and meat it is a must have seasoning in South African homes and can be bought in any supermarket.Masalas for cooking curries can be bought at speciality Spice Shops.


3.Rooibos Tea means red bush and is only grown in South Africa from the Fynbos family.It is a traditional tea drank for ages by many it has a distinctive taste and flavour.Drinking this tea has many health benefits.

4.Biltong is a popular South African snack.That is made by curing beef or game meat with spices and then it is preserved.It is an acquired taste but once you try you will be addicted to it.

5.Toffees from Darling Sweets is out of this world.A local brand of sweets using locally sourced finest ingredients and employing locals is a range of unique sweets made in the town of Darling.

6.African Beaded Jewellery like all jewellery of Africa is bright bold and statemented.Made by hand by local women these jewels can be found all over South Africa in a variety of colours ,styles and designs.

7.Wood carvings of South Africa and of the Big 5 is another popular curio tourists buy to take home.South Africa has loads of skilled craftsmen who make these products.They can be found all over South Africa at craft and fleamarkets.

8.Amarula is a cream liqueur from South Africa. It is made with sugar, cream and the fruit of the African marula tree (Sclerocarya birrea) which is also locally called the Elephant tree or the Marriage Tree. It has an alcohol content of 17% by volume. It is best drank on its own with crushed ice.

9.Leather Products including shoes ,handbags and wallets are popular with locals and tourists.i personally am lusting over a leather backpack for my travels.Products can be found at craft markets all over SA and no they are not cheap as most are made in small batches by local businesses.

10.Xhosa  Shewshwe Fabric can be found through out SA in a variety of colours and designs.The fabric is used to make clothing and decor pieces for the home.

11.Rooibos Skincare products made from Rooibos Tea this product is locally sourced and perfect for sensitive skin.Can be found at all supermarkets and is relatively cheap.

12.Dried Fruit is another popular produce from South Africa due to the excellent weather which allows fruits to grow all year round.When in season excess fruit is dried and stored to be eaten or used in cooking when not in season.

13.Recycled goods from wire and cans are made by our very talented local crafters.Ornaments are crafted from scraps to create beautiful pieces.


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