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A cruise is one of the BEST holidays you could ever do

A cruise is one of the BEST holidays you could ever do

I went on my first cruise in 2012 and was not sure if I would manage without getting seasick.And GUESS WHAT ? I loved it and have been on two other cruises since then.Yes it is safe to say I love cruising and I can not lie.

Last year I went on a cruise with my Mum,this experience was such a different travel experience because for once the roles were reversed read here about it.There were so many things to consider,do and plan that I needed even to have a packing list for the cruise just so I would not forget anything we needed.Normally when I travel on my own I make do and make a plan but travelling with a parent needs a lot more planning and alternatives just incase.Mum was rather afraid of her first cruise experience but after a few hours and at the end of the cruise she said that it was the best holiday she had ever been on.

Why was a cruise the best holiday ever for Mum?

One word RELAXATION , often when you travel you need to be worrying about so many things like :

  • Carrying your luggage.
  • Unpacking and packing again.
  • Fear of missing flights.
  • Finding suitable places to eat.
  • Safety of environment.
  • Things to do.
  • Carrying cash.

BUT on  a cruise all this and so much more is on offer that makes it the BEST HOLIDAY ever.On our first cruise together Mum and I spent a lot of time talking ,resting and reading.For the both of us the cruise was just what we needed as the last couple months have been emotionally draining and included many  life changing moments.So when the opportunity to head off for a week on the MSC Musica it came at just the right time.

I know many find cruises not for them but for me honestly it is the only holiday or media trip that I can that I relax.The word Self -Care is becoming more and more frequently used and people are taking time out to look after themselves.Some of the things recommended include :

  • switching off from the digital world.
  • going for a walk.
  • making healthier eating choices.
  • taking a nap.
  • reading a book.
  • spending time on your own.
  • meeting new people.
  • watching sunsets and sunrises.

My Wellness Experience onboard MSC Musica :


Having cruised before this time around I wanted to see the cruise through different eyes.I wanted to focus on me and taking time out for me.Besides the media trip.,Mum’s friends also booked so they could have a catch up without the disruptions of phones ringing .The boarding experience was pretty smooth sailing and I was excited to be onboard this beautiful ship for a week of bliss.

Once onboard we headed off for lunch which like dinner was a four course meal that is plated so this means the portion size is not too large and decreases food wastage and not forgetting over eating.I know a lot of people have said that the food onboard was not to their liking but you must remember the kitchen prepares meals for over 3000 passengers almost 22 hours a day.I personally prefer plated meals because of portion control especially as it is so easy to dish up those carbs and sweet treats.I did notice that every night in the restaurant besides the normal menu with 3/4 options per course,there was an Indian menu,a healthy option menu and a short menu of dishes always available.Part of my wellness mission was to make wiser choices of what I ate so for me the buffet was not an option I wanted to indulge in.

I wish I set up my step counter as I walked so much onboard but at my own pace.The first days are always confusing trying to find your room and which elevators will take you wear.I enjoyed the light excercise of walking inside and outside the Musica.We get so used to driving everywhere that often we forget that walking is an excellent form of exersvie.Well I did walk around with a cocktail in hand does that count as weight training asking for a friend.I was impressed that I really enjoyed all the walking and it added to my wellness while onboard.

I discovered the gym on-board which had the most amazing views and was the perfect motivation to burn some caleries.There are also gym classes which do cost an additional fee run by qualified professionsls.The gym ,spa and the solarium are all located in the sane tranquil area of the ship.There is also a smoothie bar for the green juice lovers and protein shakes.The smoothie and juice menu is pretty extensive and the juices are made in front of you.On offer is also a selection of herbal and fruit teas which are perfect to restore calm.On entering this sanctuary of bliss,one is greeted by soft melodious music and friendly faces.Mum and I treated ourselves to a 30 minute Balinese Massage that was out of this world.I felt my tiredness lift ,my sinuses unblock and the knots in my back literally melt away.After my 30 minutes of utter bliss I felt like I  needed some vitamins so a juice bar stop was part of the plan.I now know that wellness even in small doses is much-needed in the quest of self care.Feeling refreshed I headed off to catch up with friends and soak up some vitamin D.

The laughter and happiness are the keys to all round wellness.So spending time with old and new friends chatting to the wee hours of the morning over coffee was good for the soul.The onboard entertainment was fantastic with nightly cabaret shows and the latest additions to the line up now include Durban comedian Carvin Goldstone and Mo Magic who entertained us with world-class performances.Been happy surrounded by laughter and happiness was another tick in my wellness checklist.

When you look good ,you feel good.Generally I only dress up and put on makeup when I attend events but every day to work I go as a plain jayne.But every day on the cruise I dressed up casual for the day and smart casual for the evening including full make up.I felt so good to get put on a face and get ready to face the day.Not usually a fan of selfies but the sea breeze and me time gave a me a glow that just needed to be captured.

So in my opinion I truly feel that a cruise is one of the best holidays you can ever go on in terms of your health and well being.I came back less stressed,happier and fully recharged to tackle 2019 and my cup is no longer empty.

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