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Sonal’s Artisan Soap a Durban discovery

Sonal’s Artisan Soap a Durban discovery

A few months ago in the chaos of my life of moving house and having my website hacked , I was sent a pretty lil package from a Sonal’s Artisan Soaps a local Durban based which contained a few of their products. I am a big supporter of local businesses especially as this is a family run business.

All their products are made from natural , biodegradable and minimal packaging. Now all this is perfect especially as we are all becoming more aware of how the choices we make in what we buy affects the environment. I personally am trying to lead a life of less clutter and become more mindful of the environment and how my choices affect others. All the traditional soaps made are handmade and rough cut and most importantly 100% Vegetarian bars now this factor alone is very important as people are wanting to use natural products that are plant-based so it seems the team at Sonal’s Artisan Soaps have ticked several boxes here.

From the outset, Sonal’s intention was  to create traditional, old-fashioned, artisanal, basic,high quality, beautiful plant- based soaps as an alternative to commercial bars.

So what was the vision for creating a brand like this :

  • reduce plastic and any unnecessary use of soap ingredients and packaging.
  • no testing of products done on any animals.
  • zero waste and working towards a greener planet
  • selection of natural ingredients that were beneficial to the skin.
  • reduced carbon foot print by using locally sourced ingredients..

Sonal’s soaps are free of artificial colours,harmful synthetic fragrances, tallow preservatives, petroleum products, parabens,phthalates, triclosan, laurel sulphates.Their solid bars are a main focus of their range  rather than liquid soap to eliminate dispensing from plastic bottles. More consumers  opt for un-wrapped soap which the brand offers. Packaging includes biodegradable cigar band labels, cellophane or   wrappers if products are on shop shelves. When packaging parcels for delivery, reused paper and cardboard is sourced from local shops.South African Olive Oil forms the main base ingredient. It is “bottom of the barrel” olive,considered a waste product. Their coconut oil is sourced  from Mozambique.Soap shavings/  are turned into a powdered formulation so hence the zero waste ethos in practice here.They add boiling water to make a household liquid suitable for everything from the washing machine to cleaning sinks and floors.The laundry block is“upcycled” as a way of using up perfectly good soap in a fresh formulation.Production methods are all done hand ,therefore Sonal’s only makes very small batches of soaps and they vary their ingredients and allow bars to saponify and cure naturally. These principles are in keeping with the traditional method of soap making.


Sonal’s Product Range :


Activated Charcoal Bar (Limited Edition)

Olive Oil Bar

Geranium & Orange Bar

Spa Bar

Cinnamon Coffee Scrub Bar

Ginger Lemon grass Bar

Rosemary Bar

Chamomile Mint Lady Shave Bar

Hearts & Roses Hospitality Bar

Laundry Bar – Wash Bar

Beard & Shave

A quartet of exceptional, retro, old fashioned, shaving soaps. Abundant lather and unique aromas that always leave your face refreshed.

Laundry bar

A 400g partly handmilled block.Not just for thelaundry. Use bar towash dishes, clean kitchen surfaces,great for glassware.


  1. Totally love the packaging and how lil there is off it.
  2. On opening my packaging I immediately got the most amazing and not over powering scents.
  3. I like the fact that the products are not tested on animals.
  4. Because of my sensitive skin allergies something which has only started recently I am keen to go for more natural products and these products defo tick many of my boxes.
  5. It is surprising how long a bar of soap really lasts.
  6. The soaps leave a subtle scent on the body which is lingering.
  7. The idea of small batches of products been made is something that really appeals to me as the mass production factors often cut corners in terms of ingredients and processes in terms of making the products.
  8. Besides ordering online Sonal’s products can be found at several stockists around KZN.

So what are your thoughts on using soap bars? It has started becoming rather popular and various brands like Body Shop and Lush have been rolling out ranges of soaps for everything including shampoos.

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