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A Spiced Cheesecake Recipe #ItMustBeThePhilly

A Spiced Cheesecake Recipe #ItMustBeThePhilly

Right from the outset let me tell you that making desserts and cakes are not my forte and I rather make a savoury dish than a sweet one. But after making this no bake Cheesecake the other day I am convinced that I should give desserts another try and they do not have to be complicated and require baking. When the folks at Philadelphia  Cream Cheese asked me to create a dish using this divine ingredient I was keen to see if I could do as making desserts are out of my comfort zone. So after doing some research I decided I wanted to create a no bake Cheesecake that was simple with lots of flavour and could be made by anyone.

What is a Cheesecake ?

A simple explanation is that a cheesecake is a sweet layered dessert made with a softened cheese , biscuits , cake and fruit,It can be baked or a simple fridge tart. Cheesecake is a popular dessert around the globe and often features on every menu just in different forms and versions. It is said to have its origins in Greek cookery but has evolved over the years. Every chef you speak to has their own version of this recipe. In my mind a cheesecake is made from a crushed biscuit base and topped with a mixture of cream cheese, fresh cream and vanilla and topped with some fruit in season but I guess this was the cheesecakes of my childhood that I fondly recall.

My Cheesecake Recipe

After watching several cookery shows , I was inspired to make a no bake cheesecake and add my own twist to it. My first decision was to make individual portions as they are neater to serve , less wastage and portion control can be practised. Having seen some versions of cheesecakes baked I was not too confident about trying a baked version as it requires egg and I do abstain from eggs three times a week. My next choice was the base , I was tempted to use a sponge cake base but my cheesecake memory was always that crushed biscuit base that was crispy and added texture to the smooth cheesecake filling.Without a doubt I knew I would be using Philadelphia cream cheese as my filling , when I lived in London , I was introduced to the magic that is this brand of cream cheese and it soon started featuring on my weekly grocery shopping list as it was a perfect option for a quick meal on toast or with crackers.

Now came the part of what would my filling include , after reading countless cheesecake recipes online , I decided a yoghurt would be added to my Philadelphia Cream Cheese . As for the toppings I wanted to keep it simple yet flavoursome and then like in a moment of sheer madness the idea of my Spiced Cheesecake came to me and I decided to add the following ingredients :

  • crushed Ginger Biscuits
  • Hazelnut Double Cream Yoghurt
  • LINDT chocolate
  • Fresh strawberries now in season
  • Spices since the biscuits had ginger in them the addition of cinnamon heightened the flavours.

Spiced Cheesecake Recipe

serves 2


125g Philadelphia Cream Cheese

1/2 a packet of Ginger Biscuits crushed

1 tablespoon melted butter

1/2 teaspoon cinnamon powder

100ml fresh cream whipped

175g of Hazelnut yoghurt

2 strawberries

2 blocks of chocolate

1 teaspoon of sugar


  • In a clean plastic bag add the biscuits and crush with a rolling-pin till it is a crumb, keep a few pieces slightly larger for garnishing
  • Take out the Philadelphia Cream Cheese from the fridge so that it starts to soften.
  • Mix the crushed Ginger Biscuits with melted butter and layer into serving dishes , I used two glasses for my portions.Use a teaspoon when putting this in so you can use the back of teaspoon to smooth down the base.Put base into fridge to set 10 minutes
  • Whisk up the fresh cream.
  • Once the cream cheese has softened whisk the yoghurt into it with the cinnamon and sugar until mixture is all combined.
  • Add whipped fresh cream to cream cheese mixture and start layering into serving dishes.
  • Put into fridge to chill until ready for serving.
  • Garnish just before serving with the Ginger Biscuit crumbs saved from earlier,chocolate and strawberries.


  • Biscuits – a digestive cookie,Oreos,Tennis Biscuits or NuttiKrust can be used.
  • Adding desiccated coconut to the crushed biscuit mix.
  • Using sponge fingers for a Tiramisu type cheesecake.
  • granadilla or berry compote over the top.
  • Crushed nuts for garnishing.
  • Use the mixture to make one large portion.
  • Stewed Apples as a topping.
  • More biscuit layers between the cream cheese filling.


  • It was rather delish.
  • Portion size was too large so maybe this could make 4 portions instead.
  • Such a quick and easy dessert.

I personally thought this dessert was rather successful and it has inspired me to try making more desserts in the future.Are you a fan of cheesecake ?

Be Inspired !



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