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My greatest Lesson learnt this month

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August officially known as Women’s Month taught me so much.It was a month I reflected on myself, who I am , my purpose and were I am going.

During this month all over South Africa Women were celebrated for their contribution to society.The key message here on all platforms was one of Empowering other Women and celebrating their victories. Amongst us all everyday we walk among inspirational women each who have incredible journeys to share with us but are never given the opportunity to do so.

I sat back and thought about all that I had , seen and read about.Instantly I knew I had to do something to empower others and showcase them.So in my capacity as the online Editor of I decided to interview women I had heard off, women bloggers from around the world and women of Twitter.I used what I had to give each of these women to share their stories and lives on the web.Check out this links of the different women I spoke to :


This month of August has given me a new challenge and new direction.Thank you August and all the inspirational women out their who inspire and motivate me every day.


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