Cause I am Happy #TuesdayTruth

On Tuesday I chose “Happiness” not because I had a million rand in my bank account or lived in a mansion or because I was in love.BUT simply because I am grateful for everything I have in my life.
I choose Happiness today because:

  1. My gran is home from hospital
  2. My awesome friends care for me
  3. My foot is getting better after my fall
  4. I blogged
  5. Its International dogs day
  6. I got so see another sunrise and sunset
  7. And tomorow I go back to work.
  8. I thanked the Universe
  9. I have food, shelter and clothing(yes spent day in my pjs)
  10. I was kind to another soul

Not every day is happy BUT try to find something in each day to make you happy and smile.What did you choose today?
Have a great week

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