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Friday morning while getting ready for work, I got the most interesting BBM message from my friend. My friend happens to be the Head of English at the college that I work in. Her request to me was if it would be possible for me to do a little presentation to the staff in her department on Blogging.
I was pretty gobsmacked and delighted of the chance to share some insight into the world of blogging to others. I grabbed my Tablet made some notes and went off to work pretty excited. These staff members didnt know anything about blogging at all so heres what i shared with them :
# Blogging is an online diary which can be accessed anywhere in the world.
# Some blog sites are free to blog on like WordPress and Blogspot.
# Anyone can blog and you can blog about anything.
# On your blog you can upload pics, links to music, videos.
# Blogs have a spellcheck feature.
# Its a form of Social Media which is very popular and linked to Twitter and Facebook.
I then shared my blog with them and some of my favourite blogs :
I could see many of them looking confused but interested writing down notes and telling me they would defo read my blog.
I was so happy I could share my love of blogging with them.This got me thinking maybe I should study something in the field of media.
Ciao for now

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