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Lunching with the JHB bloggers.

In April/May I spent some time in JHB/PTA doing various things from work to fun to weddings. It was all exciting and wonderful memories to add to my cupboard of happiness.                               
As soon as Johlet found out I was coming up a Whatsapp group was formed and plans to meet were being made. Our amazing host found us this gorgeous quaint lil spot in Illovo called La Vie en Rose for our lunch.
Of the 13 ladies attending I only knew Sue, Irina and Johlet really well. Several of the bloggers I had chatted to on Twitter but didn’t know them very well. But trust me after lunch I made several new blogging friends.
I was kinda nervous meeting the ladies as they all are well known bloggers with great following. Irina the sweetheart that she is picked me up – note this was the first time we met though we have chatted on the phone several times!
It was meeting an old friend again. All the ladies were incredibly friendly and we chatted about all sorts from blogging to PR companies to Tinder as well as helping each other.
I was so busy chatting that I didn’t eat much though the food and portions sizes were great.
Thank you ladies for an amazing lunch and new friendships.I look forward to meeting and working with you amazing bloggers soon.
Ciao xxxx (pics taken by Sue Levy)

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