The SpiceGoddess Journey…

Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought I would have been a blogger. My only regret is not starting my journey of words sooner.
In June of 2012 a friend asked me to write posts on My Digital Life. I wrote my view of technology my addiction to technology and relating most things in my life to technology. It was here I discovered my writing skills and sense of humour style of writing. I loved writing and sharing my posts. And then i recieved an email telling me that MDL site was closing down.
Panic stricken I needed to do something, save my posts.It was then I started looking at Blogger , WordPress and Tumblr. After a lil research I found WordPress to be the one most bloggers used.Then came my big decision of choosing a suitable name, a name that reflected me and was eye catching. After much discussions and Google checking i decided on SpiceGoddess.
So why this name?? Well many friends have called me a Domestic Goddess and the Goddess part kind of lingered and then I want a connection to my heritage and watching and reading the book Mistress of the Spices did I decide on using Spice. And that was how SpiceGoddess was born.
I startly slowly playing around WordPress trying to design my site and figure out this whole blogging business. I spent ages transferring my posts from MDL to SpiceGoddess.
I learnt to change fonts, link blog to Facebook and Twitter and eventually how to upload pics.
2014 saw my blog move home again and become .
My dear friend Jarryd took over all my technical and design of my new site while the much talented Soneshan designed my gorgeous logo.
It was on my birthday on the 20th April that I revealed my new home to the world.
So how did you pick the name of your blog?
Do share. Have an amazing week.
Ciao xxx

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