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Time Sensitive #TuesdayTruth

#TuesdayTruth BuddhaThis powerful line from Buddha made so much sense to my life during the last 3 weeks.We all think we are going to live forever and so too will our loved ones.But the Truth is we actually dont have as much time as we think.
Be thankful for everyday we are alive and strive to be kind to others.Do good and be good so that we can leave a legacy of kindness.We all need to do what makes our soul happy and stop putting off things till tomorow,as tomorow might not come.
During the last 22 days when Gran ,was in hospital I learnt just how fragile life is and how we dont have time.So as from today ,I will do all the things I need to,say what I need to tell my loved ones ,appreciate the amazing people in my life and spend time with my loved ones creating beautiful memories.
So today I leave you to ponder about the wise words of Buddha and to make the neccessary changes to your life so that you dont waste time.Life is too short to waste any time on things and people that make you sad and bring you down.Be happy,do good and most of all be a nice human the world needs more of us.
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