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Twitter an important tool for every Blogger

In 2010, I was bitten by the Twitter bug.
And ever since then I have been totally addicted. I have become totally besotted with that lil blue Bird. Little did I know where my addiction of Twitter would lead me.
At this point I knew nothing much about Twitter except for the following :

  1. I had another social network to socialise on.
  2. I had access to news and informatuon from around the world.
  3. Each Tweet could only be made up of 140 ( characters) letters.
  4. I could follow my fav celebrities online.
  5. And I could enter competitions.
  6. And I needed a Twitter handle( name)

Little did I know that through Twitter my blogging world would start. Once I started using this platform I loved it. I gained followers some fakes ones to along the way and I had fallen in love with Twitter.
I started following local celebrities,radio stations and my favourite brands. Once I had started my blog I used Twitter to promote my blog links. While doing that I found and followed other bloggers locally and internationally.And thus started building up a following as my blog grew. I often at events get told things like “Hey I follow you” or “you are @verushka143” and thus I realised the power of Social Media especially Twitter.
Twitter is a very powerful tool from a marketing point of view. As a blogger you should be using all Social Media platforms to promote your blog. It is here too that brands and PR companies watch your tweets and often contact you to work with them.
Sharing your blog link on Twitter creates excellent blog traffic as your Tweets can be seen by millions of people around the world everyday. I recently came across a bunch of local and international Twitter handles that RT( retweet ) your blog links if you tag them on your tweets. So today I will share with you a list of these handles you can thank me later for this .
Twitter RT handles for bloggers
To the above list I add @theblogcentre, @sablogdirectory and @blogging_addict. The best part of sharing your blog links with these handles is that they then share your link with their followers this creating more blog traffic which is what we all want and need.
I have used my Twitter handle @verushka143 to be my Instagram handle as well. This makes it easier for people to follow my on the different platforms. I have also linked my Twitter account to my blog which means that when I publish a post it is shared automatically on my Twitter feed. My Instagram feed is also linked to my Twitter and Facebook pages. Creating an image with your handles on it from different platforms and sharing the image also creates following. On your blog you should also include a link and mention your Twitter handle.
Another great way to get involved in Twitter chats is by following and taking part in #TweetChats these happen most days. All you need to do is look for a #chat get following and participating. I have taken part in Travel,business and Blogger chats. The great thing is networking and interacting with likeminded people. I also tend to tweet along during TV shows as it is a great way to interact with others who like the same things as you.
So now you now why you should get a Twitter account, who to tweet BUT what goes onto a profile. Below is a screenshot of my Twitter page. I will now explain the different parts of your profile.
Twitter Profile
I update my profile pictures every couple of months. People always like to see who they are talking to makes you more human I think. My display name is my name and surname so that when people search for me on Google I pop up often. I have included my location this way brands know where in the world I am and I have included a link to my blog. My Twitter bio is catchy and tells my followers more about me including the fact that I am a Brand Ambassador. I have also included my email address so people can contact me.My background picture I have used is of my logo that is on my blog and business cards. YES branding is very important.
SpiceGoddess Info
Have I convinced you to get tweeting ? Are you on Twitter ? Are you following me ?
Tweet me later @verushka143
Be Inspired !
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19 thoughts on “Twitter an important tool for every Blogger

  1. This post is so useful Verushka! I’ve only just started using twitter and still finding my way around. Thank you for the tip about #TweetChats. I’m going to check that out later today πŸ™‚

  2. I have a Twitter account but have never been a fan. Your post gives me a new perspective. I don’t blog for a living, I blog to inform and connect with my customers and others interested in handcrafted bath & body and beauty and wellness tips.
    I have heard that Twitter is a great way to connect with other bloggers and people in my field, so perhaps I’ll start using it to connect with others of a like mind.
    Thanks for sharing.

  3. I have a twitter for my blog but I still haven’t gotten the hang or the likes for it. It seems pointless to me, but it is true what you say, for a blogger twitter is very essential.

    1. Social media is all about connecting with likeminded people and sharing information.See you on Twitter.The fact you have a Twitter handle already is great so go on give it a try x

  4. Great post thank you! I have over 25,000 followers on twitter now, but my feeling is that my tweets just get lost in their feeds…any tips on this? Just followed you – I’m @nicolabird:)

  5. So far I have stayed away from Twitter. I spend so much time on Facebook and my blog that I am worried about taking on another things that will eat into my time. I joined Instagram recently, and no doubt will succumb to Twitter because I am trying to put myself out there more so I can create more awareness of what I do.
    It was good to read about your own experience, and enthusiasm for Twitter.

    1. Thank you Sandie.To save some time link your Facebook profile and Twitter to Instragram that way it gets posted to all 3 platforms in one go.
      Give Twitter a try and see how it works
      .I generally am online in the morning and evening.

  6. Hi Verushka
    This was quite a detailed post, thank you.
    I guess I am far behind in the blogging race and there is so much to learn.
    Will keep bothering you for tips πŸ™‚

  7. I have a twitter account and tweet my posts when they drop to my blog. What I need to be better at is re-tweeting them and checking in with twitter when I’m not posting. Great tips here! Thanks!

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