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Namaskaram March

The start of 2016 has been filled with so much of fun , excitement and opportunities that I am so excited for the year ahead. I got a feeling that this year will be filled with all sorts of wonderful and each month will bring some sort of magic into my world.
Namaskaram March
February aka #LoveMonth saw me head of the beautiful Kerala for 2 amazing weeks. Ironically Valentine’s Day was spent in the air and in airports. And YES I did watch Love Actually during my flight! What better way to spend #LoveMonth doing what I love travelling. My arrival on Valentine’s evening in Kerala was rather late but I was greeted with a beautiful bunch of Roses.I can not think when last I received flowers such a great memory.Being a Leap Year I was fortunate yet again to spend the last day of February travelling back home.The perfect way to end #LoveMonth.
Besides my fantastic adventures and the new friends I made during the #KeralaBlogExpress , February was a rather kind month even if I only spent 13 days of it in South Africa. I am rather excited to announce that American Tourister is now the official luggage carrier for when the #SpicegoddessTravels and yes my luggage is PINK !
American Tourister #SpiceGoddessTravels
I have a few projects that I am currently working on and that is besides my new work load of Tourism which I am loving. So the next few months will be busy and I am totally loving the space I am in.
Namaskaram March
Such a beautiful word to greet March , a word I used very often over the last 2 weeks in Kerala. It means “I bow to the Divine in you” Every welcome in Kerala included this gesture as well as a shower of flowers , a garland and dot on the forehead. It all felt very magical and made me feel like royalty. This respectful form of greeting is widely used in India. It is generally spoken with a slight bow and both hands pressed together palms and fingertips touching close to the chest.
And with this magical and regal greeting, I welcome March into my life.
Dearest March
I have high expectations of you for the days that follow.February your sister spoilt me rotten and made me feel on top of the world. I know that you will not disappoint me as we countdown to my Birthday month. I hope you are filled with amazing memories , experiences and opportunities making 2016 a magical year. I wish that every person reading this post experiences a bit of magic this March.
What are you looking forward to this month ? Was February kind to you ?
Be Inspired !
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