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Mezze Inspired Parcels

I am mad about trying out new products especially foods from other parts of the world. So when the team from Mediterranean Delicacies approached me about creating a recipe products from their rather extensive range, I was over the moon.
Mediterian Delicacies
After finding the range at my local supermarket I literally bought everything they had including olives,hummus (two types), phyllo pastry and a salty modified cheese. Now I had to think what exactly I could create with my favourite ingredients.
The ingredients I bought are typically found in a Mezze selection. A mezze is a number of small dishes that are often served in sharing platters before a meal or with drinks.  The origins of this are found in Arabic ,Turkish and Greek homes. I love this concept as it is a great way of entertaining. With all this in mind I knew that I wanted to create a Mezze Inspired dish.
Suddenly I had a flashback to my 21st Birthday when Mum made the sweet phyllo pastry parcels. These were such a treat so using that idea I started playing around with flavours and ideas. I knew that a balance of flavours would be needed and I needed a sweet flavour. With that in mind I made a red onion jam. Here is the recipe :
2 red onions
1 tsp oil
3 cloves of garlic
100ml grape vinegar
75g sugar
15ml freshly ground black pepper
Method :

  1. Fry onions in oil till they soften 8/10 minutes.
  2. Add the remainder of the ingredients and allow to cook for 15min on a low heat.

3. Remove from heat allow to cool and put into the refrigerator. I still needed to build on the flavours especially the salty modified cheese.To this soft cheese I added an Arabic dukkha and Sumac mix which added subtle flavours and added texture. Combined with this Arabic flavour I decided to use the Zataar Hummus. I then decided on layering these flavours within a crispy phyllo pastry case.
Method :

  1. Use 2 sheets of phyllo pastry at a time be gentle when working with this pastry. Brush melted butter onto each sheet before placing one on top of the other. Cut the pastry into three long strips.
  2. In the middle of each put a dollop of the cheese and dukkha mix. On top of that add the red onion jam and finally the hummus.
  3. Fold the strip into a parcel and twist to form a package.
  4. On a greased tray put the parcels into the oven on a medium heat to bake for 5/8 minutes till the tops are browned.

Delightful Mezze Parcels
This is a perfect afternoon snack and can be served for a posh brunch. The Mediterranean¬†Delicacies is available at Pick n Pay ,Checkers and Food Lover’s stores.
What fillings would you put inside your parcel?
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Be Inspired !
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