My digital addiction

Last week an electricity cut all day made me very uneasy as I was not able to Blog , Tweet, BBM or Whatsapp unless it as very important in attempt to save my battery life.
However my plan of action didnt last too long as i felt the need to use my phone for the numerous tasks i use it for normally.This lead to the phone dying by midday , the electricity was only due to come back on at 4PM. I then decided to read for abit then decided to spend quality time chatting with my mum and gran for about 2 hours .
During this bonding session I realised ahhh my laptop was still fully charged from the night before. So with a smile as big as a Cheshire cat i went off to get my laptop to charge my phone and my external hard drive. I then decided to to clean up my hard drive , put on a playlist and charge my phone at the same time. Wow such great multitasking skills us women have.
And then there was light Eureka , i could put my phone to charge properly and both my netbook and laptop.However it later dawned on me that evening how I am totally addicted to this digital era and how the art of conversation has become a dying art.
Its so totally evident as people can no longer hold a decent conversation. Even the learners of today write in text language and no longer use proper English… Yes I am addicted to the digital age but i can hold a conversation and I use proper English when I write.Presses the ESC KEY to end

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1 thought on “My digital addiction

  1. Hi Verushka just reading this takes me back to a blog post I did a while ago
    Sometimes I think we are all too plugged in. (now that I have a baby I try to be more present when playing with her instead of checking my phone – which I am sometimes guilty of doing – she is only 10 months old but imitates the way we play with our Samsungs on the palm of her hand – she pretends she is typing.

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