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5 Favourite cooking ingredients

Every culinary person has a handful of ingredients they must have at all times in the fridge. I inherited my love of cooking from my grandmother and hence I have a very fancy palate.
These are my 5 must have/ favourite ingredients :
1) Onions, the smell of frying onions is so tempting. Its also the base for cooking most dishes. Carmelised onions give a dish such a finished taste.
2) Butter, hmm usalted or salted give any meal such a moorish taste.The thought of warm toast with melting butter.
3) Garlic, this small ingredient punches big flavour and is the basics of most Indian, Italian and Greek cookery.
4) Chicken, my favourite meat to cook can be used in so many different dishes and cooks so quickly.Not forgetting a healthy option.
5) Freshly crushed Black pepper, ohh the aroma, the slight bite and the gorgeous visible black specks transform any dish hot or cold.
What are your must haves/ favourite ingredients to cook with?
Bon Appetite

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