Simple Pleasures

Last Wednesday my amazing cousin Karmani surprised me with a one day visit. I havent seen Karms since last Decemeber so its been pretty long.We chat on a regular basis via Twitter and Whatsapp keeping uptodate with the happenings of our lives .Karms is Dad and my late Dad are 1st cousins so that makes are 2nd cousins. But regardless we are super close and her lovely brother Whelan and I share our birthday.
Karmani and I share a very special relationship we party together, bargain hunters and we dream and share our visions with each other.
So on Wednesday afternoon we sat in the kitchen and had a major long catch up session on our work , our vision for our future, my blogging, her DJ career, our planned holiday abroad as well as recalling past memories.It was such a feel good session and much needed for my soul. As Karmani often says our grandkids are going to listen to our stories and think wow are grandmothers are truly LEGENDARY 🙂
I am truly blessed to have such an inspirational cousin in my life who has believed in my blogging and forsees so much more in my future. Thank you Karmani for been so awesome, loving and a true LEGEND .

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2 thoughts on “Simple Pleasures

  1. Aaahh… I only say it like it is.. You going to be this massive media power house and I truly believe it’s going to happen and soon..
    To big dreams coming true… A virtual Cheers and big gulp..! LoL..
    Loved catching up.. Was short but like you said so much needed..
    I feel blessed.. You’re an amazing cousin to have by my side, also always pushing me to achieve..
    Loads of Love..

    1. heres to a million more memories , chats , shopping expeditions and craziness. love you lots and lots and heres to us taking over the world : ) and yes I promise to be your PR agent when you a big DJ mixing it up in Ibiza xxx

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